1. Stephano2879

    Crack in my new 3" mityvac cylinder

    @Lightning just got my new 3" cylinder in yesterday but it has a hairline crack in it at the top of the cylinder took some pics but it's kind of hard to take good pics of a crack on it.. also the MitySleev was also missing
  2. REDZULU2003

    MityVac the serious penis enlargement vacuum pump that kicks ass!!!!

    Well the title gives it away (like) I did one of my "getting to know you" sessions with my new MityVac with 2" cylinder last night lasting 90 minutes. These sessions are what I roll with when I get new equipment for the first 1-2 weeks while I get accustomed to them, rather then jumping...
  3. S

    Mityvac squeak

    My vac handle, i think the plastic part, squeaks like crazy. Small problem for me as i want to be stealth and have room mates. Any tips?
  4. Lightning

    Working on the ProVac Pumps in the Shop

    These ProVacs are beasts for the serious pumpers. Handmade to order in house. These guys here are the 2" and the 2.25" diameters and are 10.25" long with 6mm thick walls.
  5. DLD

    The Excitement Begins! My SiliStretcher and MityVac just came😇

    I’m going to wait for my Son to get back from work and do an open box video but I just wanted to show that my order came in today and I am excited! I will be reviewing them over the next week. But tonight I will do an open box video.
  6. REDZULU2003

    MityVac Pump penis enlargement gains

    The MityVac pump series from MoS has been more popular then ever, and with good reason. However, what is now needed, is users feedback on gains using this device. Continue with your own progress threads, but also, please can you update us here with gains you have, from using the MityVac range...
  7. Lightning

    MityVac ProLine Series ThickWall Pump Cylinders 1.5" & 2" Diameters

    MityVac ProLine Thick Wall Penis Pumps 1.5 & 2" displayed
  8. Lightning

    New MityVac ProLine Series Thick Wall HydroVac Penis Pumps

    This video shows the unboxing of the MityVac ProLine Series HydroVac Penis Pump set up for water pumping and dry pumping. The MityVac ProLine Series offers hand crafted untapered professional lab grade penis pump cylinders with 7mm thick walls and acetal quick connect valves and fittings...

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