1. S


    I'm thinking of upping my testosterone levels. The thing is, I have an incomplete understanding of how it would help PE. Anyone well versed in this subject?
  2. L

    Info taken from a site called ""the small dick club""

    Most people dont want to believe in PE or even when it does the price a man has to pay is too high.... this is the info: Does PENIS ENLARGEMENT really work? Guys, be honest: Do you wish you were bigger? Almost certainly, the answer is yes. “I think there isn’t a guy in the world...
  3. johnny-wang

    DHT anyone?

    I am already very manly, been a scally my entire life albeit a bookworm . . . complicated I know. And even though I have a pretty face I still look fairly mean (bad boyish look) Problem is I look too young for my age (29) and have teenage girls giving me too much attention. So I am trying to...
  4. M

    Is HGC only for micropenis?

    I was reading about HGC to help me along with my exercises for bigger gains, but it said it only work for micropenis, is that true?
  5. D

    wtf??? why nobody tells anything clearly about it?

    Hello brothers!!! A 1000 times in my life I heard that ' it's not about the size of the tool, it's all about how you use it'. But those mothe****rs who tell this, never explain any special techniques or, something like this))))))) even on a different forum(non pe) I asked this to a Japanese guy...
  6. T

    Anyone here have a threesome?

    Any experiences?
  7. B

    hydrocele or varicocele

    Hi guys I need your help, I have a problem with my scrotal sack as it get swelling. I have spoken to few doctors online and they said that I'm likely to have hydrocele or varicocele. Are there any ways if I could treat it or if I have to see the urologist?
  8. G

    FTM (micropenis) log

    I'm new to the forum, I'm ftm transgender, post-op simple metoidioplasty. I've decided I'd join and start a log as motivation for me to stick with my routine, plus as help for any other trans guys out there who might be in a similar position. For those who aren't familiar: FTM means I was born...
  9. H

    Advice for micropenis PE?

    Hi everyone, I really hope to get some advice here. My flaccid length is 1" and erect length almost 4". Girth is just a little thicker than my thumb. What are the methods to gain length and girth for someone like me? Any advice/help is appreciated. Hope to hear from people who...
  10. H

    What to do about micropenis?

    Hi everyone! I have read threads regarding PE for micropenis but they usually end up without updates from users who are experiencing the same problems. This is my situation. I am 1" flaccid and about 4" erect. However, my girth is just a little thicker than my thumb (sighs). May I know...
  11. L

    Howard stern small penis contest

    I just watched a clip and i saw guys whit the smallest penis ever some of them didnt even have a visible penis wow,shocking but the worst part of it were the judges making fun of them,and judgin who was the guy whit the smallest penis ever quite humiliating i think,would be great if those guys...
  12. J

    What size do you say you are when asked?

    ok guys so the other day this girl im talking to asked me how big my dick was. i usually dont answer that question out of decency an to keep a little mystery, but she kept asking. eventually i just said 8 inches. in reality though, im a little over 7.5 inches bone pressed with a small fat pad...
  13. Q

    Actual micropenis... Help

    I searched the forum and all the micropenis threads are saying they are 1 inch flaccid and 5 inch erect. I have a true micropenis I'm 1 inch flaccid and about 2 inches erect I don't know how much growth is possible for me I'd be happy to be average but any growth is good I just don't know...
  14. Blueballs

    The smallest dick in town VIDEO

    Hi Guys, Did you see this video? There's a lot of discussion about big dicks seen in ���� but the reality is that there are a lot of men out there that have the micropenis syndrome and this video proves it. Watching theese guys makes me feel huge at 6.5x5.5 :cool...
  15. bluetard117

    Maximum gains?

    How big could one possibly get? Is there no limit, or do you think there is a point where one could not create themselves to be larger? Example, say, someone with a micropenis wanting to go to say, 8" in length. Would that even be possible? Say from micro to 6"? We know that DLD went from...
  16. U

    HCG Experiment

    Hi all, Some background info: 24 years old, had delayed puberty at 17 with very little penile and testicular growth. Visited an endocrinologist a few years back, did me no good since it was for one, embarrassing but also he wasn't too worried or helpful, as I can easily get an erection and...
  17. L

    micro penis

  18. E

    Penis Enlargement for Micropenis?

    I'm a newbie to the forum but I did SEARCH before posting and found nothing. After some researching online, I think I suffer from micro penis (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micropenis) at least while flaccid. When hard, I measure about 5.5 to 6inches. However, is there any penis enlargement...
  19. higherone

    Be New to MOS? Introduce you're self here!

    Welcome to Matters of Size- The world's best penis enlargement program on the Internet! But we're much more than this. Penis Enlargement, or penis enlargement, also increases sexual stamina so you can last longer in bed, and erection and orgasm quality, so you're getting maximum pleasure out...
  20. Girth Hammer

    Matters of Size: The Documentary?

    Hey DLD & Penis Enlargement nation Does anyone work in the film field or have connects that are in that field? I think a documentary is the way Penis Enlargement can go mainstream. Plus there is a shitload of penis material for a great film. Few topics: -Black guys that are haunted by...
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