micro penis

  1. Veedubb0508

    Starting out

    Official Starting measurements Bone pressed erect 3.75 inches Girth erect 3.4 inches Bone pressed soft stretched 3.80in Soft not stretched 1.8inches Girth soft 3.1 inches I just started doing exercises yesterday. I most likely have the smallest dick on here and thats kinda cool i guess LOL...
  2. D

    Is Justin Beiber doing PE?

    Look at his two penis pics done a year (or so) apart. He looks bigger now. I know people will say it's the angle , the distance the pic was taken etc. but he has that tell tale Bathmate discoloration. I think the Beibs is pumping his Beiber.
  3. T

    wearing it for 3 months consistant

    Hey guys! been worried about my size since an ex indirecticaly told me i was small because she could not get an orgasm through out sex. Although i had girls come before and i was her first i did belive all the fault was on my dick. Anyways,decided to get a phallosan and i've been wearing it for...
  4. johnny-wang

    DHT anyone?

    I am already very manly, been a scally my entire life albeit a bookworm . . . complicated I know. And even though I have a pretty face I still look fairly mean (bad boyish look) Problem is I look too young for my age (29) and have teenage girls giving me too much attention. So I am trying to...
  5. H

    Advice for micropenis PE?

    Hi everyone, I really hope to get some advice here. My flaccid length is 1" and erect length almost 4". Girth is just a little thicker than my thumb. What are the methods to gain length and girth for someone like me? Any advice/help is appreciated. Hope to hear from people who...
  6. D

    new guys routine need some advice

    Ok so I have 2 routines atm. In the morning I do the newbie stretches and then a 6-8 minute session in my bathmate. The I jelq 150 times. At night before bed I stretch then bathmate for 20 minutes the 150 reps jelqing. Just wondering if this is a good enough routine for length gains of at least...
  7. Jdcsd

    Phallosan review so far

    Ok I've had the forte for only about a week. I received my order very fast, 3 days after placing my order. When the box came I was surprised that it weighed next to nothing, maybe a half pound. I open the box and there are 3 bells with 3 condoms attached, pump, protector cap and belt. I'll go...
  8. Q

    Actual micropenis... Help

    I searched the forum and all the micropenis threads are saying they are 1 inch flaccid and 5 inch erect. I have a true micropenis I'm 1 inch flaccid and about 2 inches erect I don't know how much growth is possible for me I'd be happy to be average but any growth is good I just don't know...
  9. Lightning

    My girls Ex has an 18" Cock???

    So anyway, my girl got drunk tonight and I was sober... She bragged about how big her ex's 18" cock was. I'm 6.5" x 5.25" on a good day. So i asked her if she came on his 18" cock and she said yes but it hurt. I got hurt personally. Meanwhile (previously) she was in the studio with DLD and I...
  10. Blueballs

    The smallest dick in town VIDEO

    Hi Guys, Did you see this video? There's a lot of discussion about big dicks seen in �naked people movies� but the reality is that there are a lot of men out there that have the micropenis syndrome and this video proves it. Watching theese guys makes me feel huge at 6.5x5.5 :cool...
  11. Lightning

    Would you use a dildo larger than your size on your girl?

    If you wanted to add something new into your long-term or new relationship and lets say you buy a dildo, would you get a size similar to yours or get something smaller or bigger? Lets say you get something bigger, would you be worried about her liking it more and craving that more than you?
  12. D

    What Age Should You Start Your Son On PE And How Should You Go About It?

    Some fathers have their sons playing tackle football at 7 years old. So lets say that at birth you realize that your son may need PE. What Age Should You Start Your Son On PE And How Should You Go About It ? This is a SERIOUS QUESTION.
  13. DLD

    Monthly Prize Giveaway Contest......Win a Hydromax X30 Details Inside

    Matters of Size Monthly Contest to Win the Newest Products We are starting a new contest that will give away a product each month. This month we will be giving away a new Hydromax X30. In order to win this prize you need to have the most posts in the month of July. So at the end of July...
  14. Beeler

    need some help with this

    hello everyone, , if this is in the wrong section i am sorry just wanted to get a quick idea and some of your guys opinion on this, now I've heard a lot of talk about how big dicks so to say are rare like anything above 8 inches so on so on, i myself do agree but i came across this tumblr page...
  15. 1

    I can't fit my Extender on my penis...

    I'm 3 inch flaccid and 5 inch erect. Just got my extender, two days ago, and it's impossible to put the thing on because my penis is too small... So there goes $400. Any suggestions? Or am i not using it correctly?
  16. bluetard117

    Maximum gains?

    How big could one possibly get? Is there no limit, or do you think there is a point where one could not create themselves to be larger? Example, say, someone with a micropenis wanting to go to say, 8" in length. Would that even be possible? Say from micro to 6"? We know that DLD went from...
  17. U

    HCG Experiment

    Hi all, Some background info: 24 years old, had delayed puberty at 17 with very little penile and testicular growth. Visited an endocrinologist a few years back, did me no good since it was for one, embarrassing but also he wasn't too worried or helpful, as I can easily get an erection and...
  18. A

    hCG injections

    Going to be doing hCG injections and just have 1 question. I will be injecting to the penis. Should I just pinch some skin and inject or inject into the corpus cavernosum?
  19. L

    micro penis

  20. R

    Progressive Pumping

    Thought I would make a log for foreskin pumping, not much out there in regards to results long-term pumping. I have personally been pumping everyday for consecutive hours of high pressure/low pressure pumping, mostly low pressure. I use a Noogleberry nipple pump, works quite well, but have since...
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