mandingo penis girth

  1. B

    Porn Star Girth Measurements

    Just thought I'd share from what I've seen. I could be slightly off by an eighth for the measurements I list, I can only see in fourths right now. If you're a porn and P.E. addict you just start to be able to see it in time. This might be a nice reference for you if you are unsure of what girth...
  2. A

    Guide to Big Dick Porn Stars (info, height, and penis size) Because of the size limitations, this Guide is in 3 sections: Guide to Big Dick Porn Stars (A to I) (J to M) and (N to Z). Be sure to check out all 3. When you get to the bottom, click on "Older...
  3. K

    2008 Interview with the one and only MANDINGO

    Hey guys I was doing some mandingo research and discovered this article on google. In the interview Mandingo talks about his size and says that he has never measured his dick and doesn't plan on it. He says that he wants to keep his dick size a mystery to everyone including himself apparently...
  4. ithiel

    more shit on mandingo

    Ya know it aint ever gonna get old :);) Check this out. You can tell he did Penis Enlargement. Check out (1st pic) the hair on the shaft. Def a sign of stretching. And watch the BJ video, what the fuck is that lump on the top of his dick?
  5. L

    Mandingo's secret

    I know how to do the exercise but i was wondeirng is the lifted lung necessary? Also is it lift right leg, use right hand for stretch (same for left) or is it left leg lung and right arm stretch? I was injured so i couldn;'t do Penis Enlargement (finger sprains) so i kinda forgot this =/
  6. Lightning

    A Little Info about Mandingo aka Fred Foolish...

    I was talking to a new friend of mine I met a few weeks ago that is a big porn camera man. He has shot many scenes with Mandingo and also Currently shoots for 8th Street Latinas, Monsters of Cocks, Bang Bros, Bang Bus, Ass Parade, etc. He Informed me that Mandingo is the absolute biggest guy...
  7. DLD

    The Mandingo Complex

    The Mandingo Complex From Drumline Magazine The real reason why black men are hardly ever seen in sex shops has little to do with a deep-seated respect for women. Nor is it to do with a strict moral upbringing, argues Shirley Brooks, as she goes out in search of the answers. Dildos...
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    The OFFICIAL ''How big is his cock'' thread POST it HERE

    Your questions regarding penis size from whatever source i.e video or pictures, instead of making multiple threads cluttering up the forums please add to this thread with ''How big is his size'' ''what is his size'' ''omg he is huge what size'' etc etc etc and it can all be collected in one...