1. B

    lube for jelqing

    what is everyone using for lube when they do jelqing.
  2. jekyllnhyde360

    This article should prove- Why you're lucky you found MOS

    In case you've ever been with a girl and wondered, ''hhhmmm, has she ever talked about our sex life or my dick to her friends,'' the answer is she has. If you have a big dick, her friends know, if you have a small dick, her friends and every broad you guys know, knows...
  3. B

    How has your spouse knowing about PE effected things for you.

    For me... it has been, shes really interested in it, to a point that when we are in bed and I have done my routine, weather it be 5 mins after my routine or 5 hours she wants to feel the expantion, and then starts stroking me down there, to a point that I have to stop her. For her, she cant get...
  4. DLD

    How to STOP the �naked people movies�? What can be done to eliminate this from my life?

    I am getting frustrated with myself and my attempt at keeping my eyes from �naked people movies�. I have done everything possible to make sure this does not show up on my phone or computer but every filter I have used I can get around! It is so frustrating because I want to stop looking at this filth but there...
  5. B

    Pretty interesting...isn't it???

    I have a girlfriend since 2 years and we have a nice solid sex with a lot of position changing and even I make her cum t twice or at the same time together. Before her always almost always the first time I meet a girl and we go to have sex for the first time I cum within seconds even without...
  6. B

    Help please! ED?

    Due to years of watching �naked people movies� and masturbating (from age 11 to now, 26) I find it difficult to achieve an erection without �naked people movies�. After losing weight and feeling a bit more confident (still a big guy. 320 lbs lbs 6 ft), I began to date. Our first few times were embarrassing as I found it...
  7. the boss!

    "The SRT Size Blaster" I've been using C rings..

    Hey for anyone out there with "SRT Size Blaster" as part of their Expressive stretching. I've found a way to replace the L wedge for a more effective grip and stretch, I use a lot strenght with the L wedge, so a few stretches later arms are burning, and if a let it go I HAVE start over to...
  8. ChilDsh

    God and Sex

    I have started to read the Bible and i can't deny God tells us anything sexual ( unless you do it with your wife )it's a sin..i know it doesn't say anything about masturbation particulary,but Matthew 5:27-28 says : “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to...
  9. P

    Female orgasm

    So when you get a 7-8 long dick 5-6 inches thick can you make a girl orgasm just by a steady deep thrust. Is it a lot easier to finish her off?
  10. D

    Hard erection big load formula(Full version)

    400 ml nut milk, Coconut milk, or Spring dragon longevity tea, 1 scoop chocolate or vanilla sun warrior protein powder or 1 scoop of chocolate or vanilla one world whey protein powder, 1 teaspoon organic raw maca or maca extreme, 1/2 teaspoon polyrachis ant powder, 1/2 teaspoon cordyceps...
  11. D

    erection quality

    At what age does your erection quality start to worsen? Even if its by a little bit for example not being able to get up from lust.
  12. A

    Do i Have �naked people movies� Addiction Problems?

    ok so my job is really slow.over the last couple months ive been downloading amatuer �naked people movies� pics on my phone at work,playing with myself while doing so.sometimes i cum pretty quick several times a day.but its gotten today like 4 hours of my day was spent not downloading but SORTING...
  13. R

    Great to be here

    Hello, Totally new to the world of P.E., however, I've been looking over this site for a very long time and have finally decided to join in!! Simply to say that in excited is the biggest understatement of the yr. for me...I look so forward to learning from everyone here. From the top tier of...
  14. saen

    Set your 2015 goal here!

    First of all I want to wish all of you a happy new year, and all the best for 2015!! That being said, a whole new year to set some new goals. I'm going for it ! what about you? rofl My MOS goal for 2015 is a 1cm (0.40inch) gain in nbpel after 6 months, and 2 to 2.5 cm (0.78/1 inch) at...
  15. L

    Morals and Values vs Lust and Enjoyment

    How easy is for the bros whit larger units to enjoy a great, healthy, lusty,delicious,enjoyable, sex life? whitout feeling the remorse of guilt or committing a sin,i have noticed that most girls enjoy the sex life and they have fun whit their partners no matter if they are bisexual or even...
  16. Perestroyka

    Please read guys.

    When I get erect and watch my penis from above, its kinda small from that view and my NBPEL is 6.9, anyone here with same "problem"? Plus I'm tall 189 cm. Thanks
  17. Zambrodom3


    Hey boys! I am back, I have been abcent for 3 weeks now, but I have my reasons. My story is long, but I would try to keep it as short as possible. I am here to hear what you think and to hear what you would advise me to do. I am in a very shit situation and I do not know what to do.... I met...
  18. T

    Prayer to aid PE?

    What do you guys think of using prayer and maybe asking God to help you in your pe journey? I've used the Psalm 23 recently as a daily prayer and it really helped me mentally be more content and refreshed. Does anyone have any opinions on this or know any specific prayers? Thanks
  19. N

    I need Help from PE veterans like DLD etc

  20. DLD

    The Struggle of Masturbation: A beginning study in male sexuality

    The Struggle of Masturbation: A beginning study in male sexuality [Invalid or inappropriate link deleted.]
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