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  1. BornInFigi

    Cockrings: unexpected benefits-revisited. Looking back on a year.

    Cockrings: unexpected benefits revisited. Looking back on a year. Hey fellow MOS brothers. Figi here. I penned a thread about a year ago, found here: ...
  2. wazedi

    Meditation + Edging= huge cumshot ,sex drive and kill premature ejaculation

    Hello brotherhood.i am going to share with you my techique so you can improve your sex life and your penis trainning. i started using it before 6 months Here is my story: When i was about 17 i lost my virginity from my girlfriend.i saw that lasting on bed was very difficult..i mean i could...
  3. youknowme123321

    People Finding Out You Do PE

    So does anyone think of people (family, friends, significant other) found out you did PE it would be that big of deal? I've been thinking about this a bit and feel if someone in my life found out I did PE i don't think I'd feel embarrassed about it. I don't think I would be b/c in the end I...
  4. S

    Rough Masturbation Induced Sexual Dysfunction

    Hi, I'm a 32 Y/O MALE with a history (12 YEARS NOW!) of ED. I also have some fluctuations in my Testosterone Levels, Subclinical Hyperthyroidism, and take Psychotropic Medication (antidepressants and such). The hormonal issues are being treated. As for the Psychotropic medication I...
  5. iGrowSteady

    Kegel Routine Roundup...

    Well to think there was a time when kegel's and men didn't mix... Now you can google in your sleep AND throw a dead cat and hit something regarding kegeling and men. And that's why I'm writing this... In doing kegeling, I found there are A LOT of them out routines out there, and for obvious...
  6. G

    About the RK

    Sorry if this is the wrong category But this is about the reverse kegel. What's the goal with Rk? I do 2 min x 8 sets. Is the goal to hold it for long period of time? Example instead of 2 min x 8 sets, i could train myself to hold up to 16 minutes? Would that be just as beneficial for...
  7. S

    How long do donuts last for?! I'm worried.

    Hi all, I tried searching for this but didn't find anything and I'm a bit worried. Yesterday in the Hydromax, I totally overdid it by a now I have a donut. Looking around, it seems I will be fine, but no one has answered how long it should last and I'm worried. I pumped yesterday...
  8. T

    Phuk pills (herbal) "this phucker really works!" how I started pe... I was wanting to share this message with you, and ask has anyone used these pills? I had first started taking these after stumbling into a hustler Hollywood sex shop in Nashville being the horny dirty scorpio I am thought I'd pick up some corsets or costumes of some sort...
  9. Zambrodom3

    Masturbation problem

    Hey guys! I am writing this to ask for your help. I am fighting premature ejaculation and currently doing the Stud- Maker- Drill created by SLICEBEEF (! ). The problem I have is that when...
  10. K

    Kegel with hypertension? Help!

    From a young age i have had increasingly worse erections until the point of impotency. I realized later on that a obsessive porn addiction and extreme anxiety was causing this, and then it began a mental game. I saw a physio therapist for a bit about 6 months ago, and she showed me that I had...
  11. F

    Thoughts on VigRX Plus? Looking For Feedback From Someone Who has / Is Taking it.

    I am looking for a consumer who has used VigRX Plus and am looking for a live review. I'm trying to get the following questions answered -Are you noticing increased sexual desire? -Are you noticing more powerful / longer sex? -Are you noticing a size increase in the penis? -Are you noticing...
  12. Zambrodom3

    Kiss the premature ejaculation GOODBYE!!!

    Hey guys! This is another one of my "kiss the.... goodbye". Since premature ejaculation is something a lot of men are experiencing it has become a huge problem for not only men (whose confidence might be screaming for help), but women as well (they do not get what they want). This is a huge...
  13. P

    Annoying penis issues are ruining my life

    Hey guys I have a few problems and I'm hoping you have some answers. I masturbate dry(no lotion, lube etc) and whenever I try to masturbate wet my penis goes limp. Whenever I have sex without a condom it's the same way. It's like I can be rock hard when I have a condom on but if I take it off...
  14. D

    Weird problem while clamping

    Idk if anyone else has this too, but if if push my clamp all the way down as far as it'll go, I get an extreme amount of blood rush into my penis and it ends up causing an involuntary ejaculation after a few minutes. What the hell is happening? Haha
  15. N

    Bathmate Gloiath!

    I've been lurking on this forum for some time, and it is what I have learned and read that made me decide to dive into the world of Penis Enlargement. My girlfriends have always told me I have a large penis, but whenever I have looked in the mirror I just didn't feel that I have a big penis. I...
  16. B

    can you last as long as you want?

    i heard its possible, that would be crazy:), even more usefull that enlargement. so does anyone know something about this? and if not, whats the best exercise to last longer
  17. X

    Progress log - hydromax way

    hydromax a nice tool
  18. B

    Bigdex's Chemical PE log

    Hey guys. I should have my PGE1 tomorrow so I thought I'd go ahead and start this log. I'm currently following dashdemings hardcore hanging routine - 1 set of heavy hanging a day with one or two days off a week. I usually follow up with some wet jelqing. I'll be doing things a bit...
  19. M

    Lasting longer key points

    Hi, I have searched and read up on SliceBeefs sticky on how to last longer, but can anyone give me a few key tips that helped them control themselves? I just seem to panic once I hit the PONR, and it just all goes down hill very quickly once I hit that. I don't suffer from premature...
  20. DLD

    DLD's Secrets to Massive Length Gains. Masturbation Stretch! Claim Your Gains! SRT+

    I have been experimenting over the past 18 months in SRT heavily and when I spend so much time with something my mind finds even more unique ways to apply science to penis enlargement to make the fastest gains we can. Much of my contributions to penis enlargement has been the creation of penis...
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