1. habban

    Fluid retention from erect reverse keegels

    Hello! Okey, so i have figured out a way to make my penis expand further when i'm 100% erect. I just simply hold a reverse keegel and watch my penis expand further. It makes my penis fill upp completly, which is nice. But i also recognized that when i'm doing this i get "fluid retention" At...
  2. habban

    Pelvic Floor muscle question

    Hello! So i have 2 questions regarding keegels i would like to solve. Firstly.. I use to do Keegel work after my session in my bed, always after edging. Sometimes i ejaculate and sometimes i dont. Does this somehow make any negative effects on my keegel work? And secondly.. I remember a...
  3. habban

    How to gain length without affecting erection angle?

    Hello! I have been doing PE over 1 year and as i have gained a decent amount of length, 1,2 inches kinda. It starts to get obvious my erection angle has suffered a bit. In the beginning of my journey i had that shaft pointing straight up to my belly almost, and also hard to force down. Now my...
  4. N

    TGC theory?

    Has anyone switched to TGC theory after plateauing in length and gained? In theory is says if your Erections are weak and BPFSL is longer than BPEL at .5 inches inches or above the smooth muscle is the limiting factor. Therefore, you should work on girth. Some info on me is that ive been...
  5. habban

    Bathmate and turkey neck

    Hello! I just wonder what the correct technique is to get rid of turkey neck and scrotum skin going up on the shaft with the use of bathmate. I know that if you stretch the skin above the turkey neck, the shaft skin, the foreskin and so on, the turkey neck will reduce. I know for a fact that...
  6. habban

    About EQ work and Towel Raises.

    Hello! I'm currently working on some focused EQ work to see where it will take me and how it will affect my unit. Edging + Keegels is what i do. But i have some questions regarding towel raises and keegels in general: 1. Is there a sign you should look or aim for to know that your keegel...
  7. habban

    Doesn't make any sense.

    Hello! This doesn't seem right... Why does my tight measuring technique around the shaft kinda decrease in size, while the soft applied measuring tape increases? This doesn't make any sense to me at all. That makes it look like the layer of skin surrounding your shaft is getting thicker...
  8. habban

    Loose penis after erect stretch/bend

    Hello! I have been doing only keegels and some edging for like 2-3 days now, and yesterday when i was in bed keegeling i got an erection, so i kept keegeling and i mixed in some erect stretching and just a little bending, at about 80% erection. When i was done, i did not do much at all. Maybe 1...
  9. E

    Lil Update and possible input from the brothers, some help if you may

    Hi MOS Lately i've taken my PE commitment to a new level, throughout all of 2016 so far. since feb 1st, i been doing this routine: Length Day: - warm up - 1 X Expressive stretches(all angles), 1 minutes each stretch. - 1 X Bundled stretches left and right, 1 minute each - 1 X...
  10. habban

    How tight do you measure your penis?

    Hello! I just wonder.. How tight do you apply the measuring tape around your penis when you measure & how much girth gains have you made when measuring like this? It's just something i would like to know for my investigation. Thanks.
  11. habban

    Some concerns..

    Hello! I managed to develop retrograde ejaculation or something suddenly. When i let myself ejaculate there is no sperm but still orgasm, exactly like a dry orgasm. The first signs of something strange happening was that my 2 latest ejaculations i can remember was spouting out like a broken...
  12. habban

    Hard & Cold Flaccid

    Hello! I recently got a cold & hard flaccid. It's like my penis isn't relaxed. And i can feel my penis without touching it, it's an annoying feeling. Is there any good info about this that can help me? It's like my penis has really bad circulation. I will defenitly take a longer break now. Is...
  13. habban

    What does this tell me? Need some help.

    Hello! Something that is pretty common with me is that when i get an erection and it's rock solid it subsides very fast if i don't keep stimulating my penis visually and physically. Lets say i masturbate to �naked people movies�, when i have reached 100% erection and stops touching myself, my erection % will...
  14. T

    Does PE get easier as you get older?

    I have been thinking about this lately. Would the tunica and legiments be easier to stretch/easier to make gains the older you get? I am in my 40's I was thinking how things seem to break down the older you get ?:(
  15. habban

    Bathmate ordered!

    Hello! So i recently ordered a bathmate and i hope i will be able to give it positive feedback. The things i will do with the device is bathmate hardcore stretches for length & work my way up to the 5x5x3 routine. But i have recently started to doubt the Slow Squash Jelqs. I don't get any...
  16. habban

    Red mark on skin.

    Okey! So after a session yesterday i got 2 really noticeable circular reddish/brownish colored dots on my skin. They seems to be on the skin since if i move my skin around or pull on it, it follows the skin. It actually looks like a mole, but they do not stand out of the skin, you can't feel...
  17. Perestroyka

    Full capacity erection, need advice how to get it!

    Hello boys, I have issue with my erection, it aint soft, but it ain't rock hard either, no matter how much kegels I do, and how much I'm consistent with them, is there any universal solution for this problem, or I'm the only one who has this kind of problem, when I'm not squeezing my pc muscle...
  18. B

    Is Jelqing the Missing Key?

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to point out something I noticed. Every single person that I have read about that has gained 2 or more inches in length has done some routine that incorporates jelqing plus other things. Now I am not saying jelqing alone did or could get those kind of results, but...
  19. habban

    Sometimes i don't believe

    Hello! Sometimes i don' trust penis enlargement and always have those thoughts randomly. Especially when it comes to stretching for length. Somehow i don't think it's 100% legit. I imagine the skin creeps is making what we think is length gains. But it really isn't legit length gains. Can...
  20. Srachi

    My 2nd week in PE

    Hi This is my 2nd week in Penis Enlargement exercises and i want you people to ask you a feew questions and to give some of your opinions.My Penis Enlargement work out looks like this:I do warm up for 4-5 minutes then i begin my streching session.I strech in each direction(in...
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