1. 7

    extender confusion

    hey guys, ive been using a extender for a month and a half, and today i was able to put the thing on past my erection length. problem is the tension i achieved by doing this... i ve read that low tensions (below 1200g) is the way to go, but when i build the extender long enough to surpass my...
  2. B

    A New Hope

    Hi everyone! I’ve decided to do PE for at least a 6 month period so I’m keep progress log. Depending on the results after 6 months I’ll decide if I’ll continue 1-2 more years. I’ve always felt way below average and been kinda shy being naked amongst others. Also being cut where the majority of...
  3. K

    Can hardcore heavy hanging lead to length and uniform girth gains?

    Hey fellas. I have notice a trend in the hanging world and have asked about it before. I've notice that guys that hang weights and reach weights of 40 pounds and up tend to not only develop length but also total uniform girth as well. Base girth gain is pretty common with hanging but I've...
  4. C

    New Rods

    Hi guys i have managed to lose one of the 2" rods from my SG. I have no idea how and am sure i will find it in a few months when i move but i don't really have time for that. What is the best/cheapest place to get a replacement? I am in australia so postage does become an issue. I don't even...
  5. G

    Quick Question on sleeping with my Jes Extnder

    I've been wearing my Jes-Extender a few times over night and have noticing my Jes-Extender laying on my dresser when I awake, could I be subconsciously taking it off over night??:(?:(
  6. G

    I am new to pe, i need some advice please.

    Hello everyone, I am new to pe, i heard alot of things about different methods which i started doing, like exercises and extender. I bought this jes-extender thing about 2-3 weeks ago. which i think its completely waste of money and time. whenever i put the extender on, the straps or whatever...
  7. S

    IGF-Lr3 Penile injections UPDATE

    I'm currently doing scenic igf 1-lr3 penile injections! This is my stats: Startingsize (measured when I was doing my 4th injection) BPEL :17.5cm (after 4th injection) MSEG:14cm (after 6th injection) Flaccid: Differs between 10-11.5cm Injection amount: First injections 10mcg in each side of cc...
  8. S

    Wider base, does SizeGenetics sell them somewhere?

    I just bought a SizeGenetics extender about a week ago, and it seems like I may not be able to use it. I have a very thick penis, and the default base that came with the extender is so thin that it works almost like a cock ring for me and causes quite a bit of pain after a while due to blood...
  9. S

    Swedish PE dude log

    I thought I should take my Penis Enlargement to the next level. I bought a jes-extender a few years ago and my starting size was about 5.3inches and now 6.2 a good day. I have been using it from time to time. My girlfriend left me for a while ago and this affected my self esteem since I think...
  10. tparker84

    Bib hanger for sale

    Anyone interested in getting a hanger and doesn't have one or just want a new one I have a BIB HANGER for sale
  11. D

    gained 1 inch in 3 weeks

    Guys, it's unbelieveable really. I'm currently 8 inches NBEL and 8.8 inch BPenis EnlargementL my girth is really big, but I can't measure it right now.. this site has been more than amazing, i've only doing pe for the last couple weeks and I can't tell you how much I love it. been doing...
  12. D

    Ordered the SizeGenetics, will I need more rods?

    Hello guys! I just ordered the SizeGenetics and I have a few questions. I'm gonna buy the VLC Tugger aswell, do you know how I take measurements and what measurements do I need? My penis is 8.3-5 Bone pressed erect length, will I need more rods? and If I do need more, where do I order it...
  13. A

    Which Extender is Better?

    Hi All, I think I posted in the wrong thread before... And Sorry if this has been answered before but which extender is better? PeniMaster ( or PenisMaster ( or Jes-Extender ( or SizeGenetics...
  14. Super

    Size Genetics Extender with the VLC Tugger with DISCOUNT!!!

    VLC Complete Package: CLICK HERE TO ORDER VLC Package with Discount AND YOU WILL NEED SizeGenetics Extender: 61% off the SizeGenetics NEW PROMOTIONAL ITEM! An SG Clip that works for the VLC-X to the MOS Offer page at TLC Tugger. Anyone who bought the VLC or VLC-X in August through...
  15. higherone

    New to MOS? Introduce yourself here!

    Welcome to Matters of Size- The world's best penis enlargement program on the Internet! But we're much more than this. Penis Enlargement, or penis enlargement, also increases sexual stamina so you can last longer in bed, and erection and orgasm quality, so you're getting maximum pleasure out...
  16. R

    size genetics spare parts rods and etc

    whats up everyone i need some help. i lost the top part of my size genetics device. the part where you place your glands. i need to know where i can find this part and rods. thank you
  17. A

    I know I did it wrong, now how do I fix it?

    Well, I'm an idiot, I put too much pressure on the head of my penis while jelqing a couple times and voila... no more rock hard erections I was once proud of and no more glans sensitivity. I had a nice 5.5 inch girth (decent for an Asian guy) which has been reduced to 4.75, not sure if its...
  18. A

    The SG is breaking on me

    Every time i put it on, and need to stretch into it...i need to bend the rods to get into the SG. This is starting to catch up and the rods are definitely not straight anymore. What can i do to straighten them, and how i can prevent this from happening again? I am debating on ordering another SG...
  19. Super

    Size Genetics Mod & VLC Tugger w/Video Series

    I'm using a VLC stacker with my Size Genetics ADS for length, curvature correction and FR. This was an easy modification from existing parts I had from the quick extender. I can keep this on for hours on end with no loss in circulation or numbness since it not a noose that goes around the head...
  20. sizerp

    Size Genetics maintenance!

    Not too long ago, I dropped my SG on the floor off my dresser and it landed hard. As a result, the device seemed to have bent at the base of the left tension bracket. After dis-assembly and a close examination, I found the left handscrew had a slight twist, and the left hexagonal top screw was...

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