1. eugine8plz

    Trying to order a VLC tugger, help!

    Hey bros, so on the VLC website it asks for flaccid glans width and erect glans width so that I can find a size for the head cap... Does it mean the circumference/girth of your glans when erect or flaccid or does it mean the diameter of your glans (from one side to the other)? If I find out...
  2. Lightning

    June 2017 Prize Giveaway….Get Involved and Win Big Time! Over $5,000 in Prizes!

    Congratulations to megamike for winning the May top quality poster of the month! megamike please pm me your full name, mailing address, email address and prize of choice! Here are all the winners of 2017 so far… January - huge-girth February - Big Schwanz Acht March - cladre60 April -...
  3. S

    When I hit 5,000 posts, I'm outta here.

    Thought I would post this. I've been here for so long now. Since the beginning. Been on the different Penis Enlargement include the original version of the old Penis Enlargement forum when it was back on the forum....for going on 7 years now. I still plan on checking...
  4. jakb

    Psychology The Mental Stages You Go Through With PE

    I have learned alot from Penis Enlargement and these are some emotional stages Ive gone through. Im reposting this in the mental gains because I think it can help. I originally posted it as my 500th post. Since May I have gained between .5-.75 inches in girth and .25 inches in length. The...
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