1. A

    Penis Damage?

    Hi all! This is a question mostly for veterans and long-time PEers. Are you afraid of creating permanent damage from long-term PE? Is there anyone you know (including you) that has or has not had issues (erectile dysfunction, lingering pain, etc.) after long-term training? I'm a little nervous...
  2. cocky_coffee_lover

    case study Thrombosed Veins

    Alright brothers just wanted to post a fair warning about pumping too hard. I'm pretty sure I've thrombosed a vein right at the base of my glans that leads up a little by the frenulum. It's hard as hell and clear by the looks of it. I have a second smaller one on the top side of my shaft but...
  3. T

    Potential injury not sure

    I have been using my Bathmate, my Dld Stealth and my penimaster, just got the length master and I typically follow protocol and I have been seeing great results (Inch in length in 2 months.) During some of this time I have been taking something called Kratom, it mellows me out, but I didn’t...
  4. N

    Erect Jelqing Dangerous??

    I did erect jelqing for a couple of years... I had great results, my erections were way harder and thicker so I kept at it. It was a while back so my memory isn't great but i kind of stopped because my homemade power jelqer broke. I noticed my erections getting softer, i don't know if it's...
  5. cocky_coffee_lover

    Welp, got my first bruise

    Hello brothers! Well it finally happened, I got my first bruise. Was doing my third 5x5x3 session of the week and after I went to pull my duro rings off, I noticed a decently sized bruised on the lefthand side of my shaft. It doesn't hurt, but it is pretty dark. Should I take a few days of rest...
  6. B

    Consistency & Discipline over Pushing hard & Less time

    This is just a general PE mindset for newbies to understand and even myself after coming out of decon another example of discipline and effort to keep me going. Being consistent with the discipline of a routine will win over pushing hard and doing PE with fewer days. I think of M Phelps...
  7. S

    Penis Health Injury after long session

    Hey guys today I had long session of stretching and now I had blood bubble on my head. Did you have similar experience. Is it going to stay like that ? What should I do I’m a little worried
  8. B

    Injury while hanging (WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES)

    Hi guys, For the last 2 months, I did a daily hanging session (LG Hanger) of 1 hour at 10 lbs. Never had any issues at that weight until my last hanging session... I did the full hour as usual, but when I removed the hanger from my penis, I noticed a little lump on the top of my glans as seen...
  9. E

    Soreness at base of penis

    I've been doing the newbie routine for 2 weeks so far (without the bundled stretches) so I'm about to dramatically increase the number of jelqs per session. I always warm up with a warm or even hot cloth before I start the stretch/jelq session, and have been doing it every day. Sometimes I'll...
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