1. Mick09

    Laser for Discoloration? And DMSO

    Posted by hobby on 🙈: "Opinions seem to vary about the permanency of this pigmentation. It may or may not clear up on its own, but if it does it will take a long time - many months. Laser treatment was effective for eliminating skin discoloration caused by iron injections. There is a...
  2. MaxRichards

    Hydroquinone & Discoloration

    Ok, this is the one cream that everyone seems to freak out about... but I just did a google image search for before and after pictures, many of which show use on the face and eye area, and I'm thinking WTF? Why isn't anyone recommending Hydroquinone for long term penis discoloration when...
  3. B

    how to deal with discoloration

    Hi guys, I need your help. I got discoloration on my shaft after I used the pump, so I have stop using the pump for 7 months. I went to the doctor and he gave me a cream which some parts of my shaft has gone better but not alot. Do anyone know how to deals with discoloration and how to cure...
  4. C

    permanent marks after bloodspots?

    ive been useing the Bathmate for like 6 months. not the X-40. while i was useing it i started to notice some of the bloodspots didnt fade back, i just kept useing it for a while till i stopped cause i needed the X-40. now I have been off it for almost like 3 months and those marks from the...
  5. M

    Bruising and stretch marks.

    I have had a considerable amount of bruising after using the Bathmate. I also had some stretch marks. I have after each session of Penis Enlargement (which is mainly an extender, Bathmate, cock ring edging) used baby oil with aloe vera and vit E. I think this really does a nice job of keeping...
  6. L

    Black Dick !!!

    Hello !! I am white. But my dick is starting to look like its from a black person. Iv been doing P.E for 8 - 10 months now and have seen good gains :).... It started to get really dark when i started using the batHydromaxan intensely. (but i do everything very intensely) Now im doing jeqls more...
  7. A

    Amlactin Did it work?

    Anybody besides Simyan who have seen progress on Amlactin regarding discoloration and getting their skin back to normal?
  8. S

    For those with penis discoloration/bruising. I have the solution!!!!

    Well I didn't discover the cure, just heard about it from another forum and felt like I should share. I didn't want to make a thread or hot link to another thread on 🙈, but have seen more and more people asking about it. I have had severe discoloration on my penis shaft from using the...
  9. stillwantmore

    Bleaching My Penis (For PE Induced Darkening)

    I'm beginning an experiment. I've decided I would like to lighten my penis. It's gotten considerably darker from Penis Enlargement over the years. I have done some research and it *sounds* like skin lightening creams may help. So, starting today I'm applying ''Palmer's'' brand ''Skin...
  10. T

    Turning Dark and Penis Staying Dark after a clamping session

    Hi could anyone help me out please, been clamping for about 3 months going great but i have found my penis is going darker not much but being white its not easy to miss. its more of a red look as if the penis is tanned and the rest of the body isnt. also you can see a clear line wear the...
  11. allergix

    Brown Spots on Foreskin

    Since I was about 16/17 I've had a noticable brown spot on my foreskin. Not one person I have been with has noticed it, when I'm erect its basically stretched out enough that it blends in with the color of the rest of my skin (which happens to be pretty dark for a white boys penis!). But it...
  12. E

    Anyone tried this bleaching cream?

    Okey im confident now that i wanna get rid of my bluemarks (plus im interested in getting the anus a little bleached). I googled around and i see a lot of people talking about creams that contains hydroquinone. Did anyone try this? This one for example...
  13. M

    The dreaded discoloration :(

    A few weeks ago I started to notice dark "ribs" appear along the right side of my dick where the skin has gotten 5 shades darker. You dont notice em looking straight at it but if I flip it over you can see em clear as day; 6-7 dark bands. Also a darkening band all the way around in front of...
  14. S

    Discoloration Explanation

    I was wondering if anybody has had to explain discoloration before. I have some weird looking discoloration on the bottom of my dick and I noticed my last girlfriend do a double-take but she never said anything. The reason why I ask is because I have been talking to an ex that I could...
  15. S

    After Effects

    Once I've Reached my Goal Length, And Decide Enough With Pe And Pills, What Will The Effects Be When i Stop Doing All this? I Have Heard It Can be Described as - Swore Painfull Being alot LESS Horny Alot of Sagging Skin FeedBack Plz!
  16. S

    help me my dick skin's turned dark

    hi to all I'm french and i'm haunting this forum for two years before i'v started to believe and to try myself because the treads are so confused for me: which method works an whow qwickly and for who ? So i ve started clamping for about eight months . I 've gained a little but nearly i' ve...
  17. B

    Girth without Discoloration...

    I'd like to hear some of your best suggestions on getting good girth gains w/o much discoloration. I've found my dick gets discolored pretty easily, so I need to avoid any exercises that are known to cause this. What caused it in the first place was clamping, I think. Basically I'd hold a Uli...
  18. G

    Discoloration be gone

    In my never ending quest for "penis vanity", I was curious about removing discoloration. I was fine with it, but I preferred to have my penis back to the color before I got started. So I started reading. I came to the conclusion that the discoloration in the penis happens when blood vessels...
  19. pepepe


    is there any cream the removes discoloration i got from jelqing? its like mid shaft just below my glans only.