1. K

    PE Partner?

    Does anyone have a PE partner that you do PE with? Just thinking that a lot of people benefit from having a workout partner in the gym, so what about a brother to keep you accountable?
  2. 6

    SO i'm 30 and never been on a date

    Well i don't know what really to do I never been on a date i'm 29 currently and will be 30 in less then 3 month. i mean i just so depressed. I thought about just ending my life it's pretty easy to make it look like a accident too since there is no shortage of speeding cars...
  3. D

    Is Justin Beiber doing PE?

    Look at his two penis pics done a year (or so) apart. He looks bigger now. I know people will say it's the angle , the distance the pic was taken etc. but he has that tell tale Bathmate discoloration. I think the Beibs is pumping his Beiber.

    Why getting banned

    I have noticed some guys got banned here and i wonder why what are the reasons to get banned foul language maybe? haha anybody wants to let me know, i have read some rules and regulations but a guy called tkto got banned and i would like to know why im curious about why some bros get banned.

    Morals and Values vs Lust and Enjoyment

    How easy is for the bros whit larger units to enjoy a great, healthy, lusty,delicious,enjoyable, sex life? whitout feeling the remorse of guilt or committing a sin,i have noticed that most girls enjoy the sex life and they have fun whit their partners no matter if they are bisexual or even...
  6. G

    The day I banged my 6 ft friends face to peices

    Just sitting around all day makes me very nervous. My sexual craving is usually to blame. Not a second goes by when I don't think of doing it. I was sitting in the living room with one of my friends, who is a fitness freak you wouldn't believe, watching some English soccer. An hour into the game...
  7. jekyllnhyde360

    HATE how small my flaccid is!

    I'm getting so fed up with the fact that my flaccid hasn't changed, and the worst part is my number have gone up dramatically in both BPEL AND MSEG since i started, in fact i'm hitting 7.5 bpel and yet i still have a 3'' flaccid some times even worse! i just don't get it. pissed. girth has...
  8. Lightning

    The Worlds Largest Penis 13.5" - Documentary on Jonah Falcon - Full Film

    The Worlds Largest Penis - Documentary on Jonah Falcon and other large penis men and the quest for all men to have a bigger penis - Full Film This documentary interviews Jonah Falcon who is claimed to have the worlds largest penis at 13.5" long. Running Time: 47 minutes 38
  9. superman05xx

    The superman05xx log

    A humble title to my log but hopefully I will make excellent gains. As some of you know I decided to take time off from PE. The reason is simple, I did something dumb. A while ago I came across the thread “Clamped Pumping” which is here...
  10. M

    cock rings

    not sure if this is the right place to post this but its in the penis health section so mods move if needed, apologies in advane. but I was reading up on cock rings etc as I know they are and important part of srt , keeping the penis in a larger state while healing. but I cant for the life...
  11. ShadedSam

    8 Going for 10!

    Been lurking for awhile and I decided to start a progress thread. It will include pictures so I think I'm in the right forum. Ok, a little background. I started using an extender in January and I have been using it for 4 hours a day 5 days a week since then (7 months now), skipping weekends...
  12. savageblue

    This is great SELF-ESTEEM

    (if this isn't the correct section, I kindly ask any of the moderators to relocate it, please) Here's a guy who seems to be comfortable with what he has. On the one hand, I feel like he could use this forum. On the other hand, maybe we could learn something from him, since this may have a...
  13. Tahir Aqbar

    Going from average to "You like big dicks? I have one, take a look".

    I'm a pretty good looking guy and I've made way too many very hot female friends who talked about how they liked big dicks (assuming that I have one because of my smashing personality...). Granted, I've had sex with some beautiful women, one of whom did not have space for my average shlong...
  14. Solid Snake

    Going From 5" to 9" IN UNDER 2 YEARS (Progress Blog)

    Hey MOS fourm, Welcome to my Progress blog! Goals NBPenis EnlargementL - 9" BPenis EnlargementL - 10" EG - 6.5" Flaccid - No idea (as long as i meet my erect goals) I have another account on MOS but I've made a fresh start with this account. Routine I will be following DLD's "Gain 1 inch...
  15. T

    The Bible Tells Me So

    This is a movie I watched on Netflix, "The Bible Tells Me So". It answered all my questions I have had for so long about what does it actually say in the Bible that being gay is wrong. It was really interesting what they went over on these 3 texts in scripture and then some more of the...

    HUGE Dick pictures

    http://mightierpenis.tumblr.com/archive Looking at this just pissed me off.
  17. REDZULU2003

    Health issues for gay men

    Gay men and men who have sex with men are at increased risk of a number of health issues, including sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), depression and poor body image. Find out about these important health issues for gay men and take steps to promote a healthy lifestyle. Protect yourself...
  18. T

    What is

    What is a gay person? Somebody under definition is a man or woman attracted to the same sex (homosexual). So is that it? If you’re a woman attracted to women would that be a lesbian, or a man who is attracted to men that is called gay and the end? Not my story. At a young age I felt...
  19. R

    How we all become insecure about our penis.

    I wanted to start a thread so we could share the moment or events that led up to us becoming insecure about our penis and the need for a bigger penis. I was alway middle average and I knew that was not good but I slept with a few women and they never complained and they got off really well...
  20. matthew2003

    can anyone suck on their own dick??

    weird thread i know, but i just saw Turnovers new aviator and was wondering if its possible. have to be small framed with a long dick i guess and practice alot of yoga. I tried it but cant even reach with my tongue out and im 8 inches now. it would be a pretty weird thing to experience i reckon...

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