1. M

    Experiencing gator bite with silisleeves in BM

    Been using the BM for years without the comfort pad (long insert) and while I've always had some pinching at the base it was never that big of a deal. However since I started incorporating the silisleeve while using the BM, which delivers a much better session, I've noticed that my base, right...
  2. M

    Thinking of purchasing

    Hey guys I've been looking into the product. For those that have it how are your results? Can it be worn while having to bend down and complete work task? Or should it be used during the night while I sleep?
  3. M

    Need help deciding

    Hey guys I'm going to make an order soon. I have 200$ to spend including shipping. I have a BM Hercules now. I'm getting all gator bite from it, not sure if that matters. I was thinking the LM or SG. Thoughts?
  4. L

    Measuring whit the bathmate ruler

    I was measuring whit the BM ruler and the measurements can be pretty innacurate imho.Theres this small space before the numbers start. Wonder who has measured whit that ruler,What were their results..Thanks
  5. B

    holly hell bathmate with winevac mod.

    guys I am already maxing out on the base of my dick, I can feel gator bite at the base, and I just started using the winevac monday, I checked my girth tonight post pump and I was at 5 1/2
  6. I

    Critique my girth routine

    Hey guys, I'd like to know what you think of the girth I'll start next week. I currently have no interested in gaining any length, as I measure 7" and can't even penetrate my girlfriend fully without pain, what I would really like is to increase my girth in the next four months, because it's...
  7. B

    silicone sleeve for the bathmate,

    hey all I was looking to get a silicone sleeve for my bath mate for comfort, question is where to purchase, I already found and will be doing the vacu vin mod.
  8. D

    Routine for the Working Guy

    Due to my job it cannot be evident that I am doing PE here is what I use and the routine. Materials: Materials LengthMaster Stelth Undergarment Phallosan Stallion Cock Ring (CTC Company) Penomet Before I leave for work I make sure I have the Stealth Undergarment on. This is at...
  9. J

    Bathmate xtreme safety??

    When using my bathmate xtreme x40, a lot of times when I squeeze, the pump will stay imploded and will not expand back to where I can pump and increase pressure. Is this a safety thing bathmate does to govern the pressure? Or is something wrong? Anything I can do to stop this?
  10. S


    I've been doing intense BM sessions for the past week and a half, and I started noticing that between sessions I would get parts where the skin was dry and flaking off and it would be pink after. It looks sensitive, but it isn't, I keep doing more sessions hoping it will chill out as my body...
  11. P

    always getting blister from PF now

    i had quit PE for awhile....but when i use PF now i am ALWAYS getting blisters aroung the tip of the glans.....why is this happening ???? i never useto to get them earlier ..... can the bell be small for me ???? it like perfect size right now but can the gator thingy cause this when i pump...
  12. K

    Hercules Gator Bite Marks

    Hello Gents, I'm a newbie here - Ordered my hercules per the sizing chart and have been using it for about a week. After last nights session I have some dark red and purple Gator Bites. I'm of course taking a break now and worried >< I just spent money on the Hercules but believe I may...
  13. K

    Herc Gator Bite

    Hello Gents, I just became the owner of a Hercules (last week) after the first week I've maxed out the girth at the base - I'm taking a big break because after last nights session I have dark red/purple marks "gator bites" from what I can tell here on the forum. It was pretty painful! I...
  14. Q

    Purple/Blackish spot on the shaft. Any reason for worry ?

    Hey, I've been practicing DLD's First Routine for a week now and I think I might have gone a bit overboard with the intensity of the exercises. What exactly are these spots and should I pause my routine for a bit to let it heal ? Thanks a bunch.
  15. G

    Adding SG and BM to phase 1

    im about to order my SizeGenetics extender and Bathmate, i was told i can incorporate these 2 into my workout routine. But im barely on the 3rd week of phase 1, adding these wouldnt be too much? I workout 3 days 1 off 2 on 1 off. And how often would i use them or where in the day would i put...
  16. I

    Another Little Victory For Me.

    I just wanted to share another little victory for me. It's not much but I wanted to tell somebody. I had shared something similar in another post a while back and I was sadly surprised to find out that is was back in July of last year. Back then I shared that I had gone from the 7" mark in my...
  17. BornInFigi

    Friar Fige's BM Ironman armor

    As some of you know I'm somewhat of a bathmate aficionado, so it makes sense that I'm always trying new stuff with my favorite PE tool, sorry dld... LM came second I my life.. (It is a close second) I have written to some length on the virtues of cockrings as seen in the two threads in my...
  18. G

    Expert help needed: Paid original bathmate price and got a cheap fake one

    Hello everyone I ordered a Bathmate x30 from for $199 SGD. I received a very cheap chinese made plastic inside a plain white cardboard box. There is no genuine packing, no box, nowhere it is written that it's an original bathmate hydromax x30 made in U.K, no information...
  19. Y

    Here's my Bathmate Success Story.

    ***I posted a shorter version of this when I was on vacation but I didn't see it go through so figured I'd try again with this post. Sorry if the other one did make it out there but didn't see it.*** I've been lurking here for probably little over a year. Mostly don't even need to sign in...
  20. BornInFigi

    Cockrings: unexpected benefits-revisited. Looking back on a year.

    Cockrings: unexpected benefits revisited. Looking back on a year. Hey fellow MOS brothers. Figi here. I penned a thread about a year ago, found here: ...
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