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  1. C

    newbie looking for answers

    I have done a lot of research on pe and really hope this improves my 6.5 bpel by 5meg im 18 and still a virgin i want to woo the first girl i do it with im currently on a routine from pegym to condition my penis but i want this to work sometimes i get discouraged i want to reach 8.5×6.25 i will...
  2. F

    Looking for advice from Pros

    I've been pretty consistent for a month or so, I'm following DLD's first routine and I have already seen minmal but noticeable gains in both length and girth. I'm in good shape and workout most of the days, lifting,doing cardio and diet is as clean as possible, however I need to have some things...
  3. ap3a1

    ap3a1 snake gym

    Hello, i will keep posting my daily routine here :)
  4. T

    New This Help A Newbie out. Plz :)

    Hey I'm 18years old and I want to get a bigger and thicker penis.. I'm about to but the mos DVD. I don't want to spend money on any equipment or pills.. I want to just do exercises everyday for 2-3+years.. I'm very patient and I will be dedicated to this until I reach my goal of about 10 inches...
  5. B

    Can't do PE ,,,sensitive skin .help

    Good day guys I have just started my PE by x40 pump for a month but had to stop for two weeks cause I can't last more than a two minutes without cumming skin is too sensitive to pressure now ... I'm really sad that the gain started to show up but now its like I hearted it and feels less...
  6. E

    Some input on my ongoing project...

    Hi there I'm working on a small PE project, which involves a lot of stats(from past workouts) to create as much information as possible for my self, but also those who read it. It sounds a little strange right now, but it will make sense when its done. I'll be done by June 1st. Think of if as...
  7. P

    New kind of routine

    When i began PE ...there was a time i only only did 30 mins of PE a day and nothing else not even a ace wrap but i was consistent and till today the girth gains of that 30 mins for 3 months has stayed till today and not lost any gain MY FIRST ROUTINE WHEN I BEGAN PE.. 5 min stretch 5...
  8. V

    My PE Log

    Hey guys, my current starts are 6.2 BPEL and 4.7-4.8 MEG. I'm pretty average based on these numbers and I've always felt insecure about it. I came across PE last year and started half assing some jelqing and noticed an immediate difference, my dick felt fuller and I'd always give it up after a...
  9. A

    My 18 years old First Routine

  10. S

    My Story and Measurements.

    Congrats King of Girth. I think the X50 will be out next year January? I think you can start gaining length from your X40 now. Just my thoughts. You can as well start working on length only for now.
  11. F

    Newbie help(much appreciated)

    Hello MOS im new here, came on here awhile ago researching tight foreskin etc, but im cut now and have been for 8 months. Im really interested and keen to start a very consistent routine. im on uni break for 3 months and would like to use this time to really make a routine stay consistent...
  12. MoS-Newbie

    2 questions! Pumps & Prices for PE Equipment!

    Hey guys, I've been checking out different pumping devices lately and I've noticed something: They are really f***ing expensive rofl I'm trying to decide between the latest BathMate, the Xtreme X40 or some kind of electronic vacuum pump, like the one he uses in this thread...
  13. MoS-Newbie

    I'm uncut and worried about pretty much everything! Long Post!

    Hey guys. So, I'm new to PE and I have a problem. First of all, I've started with "DLD'S FIRST ROUTINE" about 2 weeks ago. I've already read a lot of stuff and I think that the "Length before Girth" theory makes a lot of sense and I've decided to go with that, since my first goal is to gain...
  14. Q

    Purple/Blackish spot on the shaft. Any reason for worry ?

    Hey, I've been practicing DLD's First Routine for a week now and I think I might have gone a bit overboard with the intensity of the exercises. What exactly are these spots and should I pause my routine for a bit to let it heal ? Thanks a bunch.
  15. E

    critique routine 1in in 12 weeks,, length then girth comments

    Now I'm at 6.25" BPEL & 5.4" EG. My goal is 7-8in length. I have a hanger and a clamp. I've read you should focus on achieving your length goals, "cement them" then work on girth. If it takes 1 year to "cement" length gains I suspect a routine with a girth element are for people that are...
  16. Y

    Yolojung progress! (Newbie here)

    Hi all! First of all sorry for my bad english haha. Im gonna start my PE training and i decided to create a this thread to post my progress, doubts, and other things. Ill upload pictures tomorrow so i can track my enlargement. I will start with no equipment. My measures are: Lenght...
  17. metallica

    my first routine

    Hi everyone, glad to be part of this great community. So I'm starting a routine for the first time, and I would like to have your opinion so : 1. 10 minutes Warm UP 2. 600 Basic Jelqing + 150 Later in the day (Using Vaseline) 3. WArm Down 4. 100 quick Kegel squeezes + 20 of...
  18. S

    Depression leads to motivation

    The last few months i had a major depression, thought i'm a worthless shit thought of death an shit not killing myself just on that relief it would be when you take your last breath... but okay fuck that shit. I cried like a baby as my gf left me. But yesterday i found that forum, its not only...
  19. E

    The Official Journey to Greatness, for Motivation, for Detemination, for succes

    So, im told that I talk a lot, so why not write a lot? long presentation, hopefully worth it if you read, if you dont read it, I understand :) Anyway lets begin.(& sorry for the bad grammar, not from an English speaking country). Im 20 years old and from Scandinavia, Europe. Been lurking for...
  20. B

    Beginner Questions

    Hey, I'm just now trying to put together a routine and learn about all this, so please bear with me. I had the following questions (Note that I am talking strictly about exercises without any equipment) : 1) a) Are there any negative effects from penis length exercises? b) If so, are...

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