1. Wintergates

    Warming cream

    Im thinking on buy a warming effect cream that girls uses to lose weight , do u think i can benefit from it
  2. I

    Fillers, Dick-Skin Creams, and Fun!

  3. A

    Bathmate brownish spots on shaft

    So I used the Bathmate since December and I noticed around early April I got these multiple brown spots on my foreskin on the shaft. I had gotten one before it went away after a couple weeks. So I kept pumping for a week or two more and decided to stop. The brown stops are still there and I...
  4. A

    The array of supplements I've tried health and PE wise

    Greetings! This is my first thread. I've never really introduced myself to this community, but I've surely lurked around and posted a few times. Just a quick intro; 30-years old as of 2017, body weight changes, but 5'7" "strong" built, people don't often talk about my height that much nor...
  5. S

    My penis is in the process of getting bigger!

    Hi, how are ya? And happy thanksgiving. My name's sammy from Morocco and my parents wanted from to marry but I have gotten some issues and my parents thought I am a gay (I don't have any problems with gays am open-minded). So that my family hates me for avoiding marriage for a long time, but my...
  6. T

    Circumcision depression and PMMA

    Hi brothers, haven't posted in a while but I'm slowly getting back into PE with the BM and phallosan. I was circumcised at birth and long story short I'm against circumcision for many reasons. I really see no benefit besides cleanliness and that's not a big enough reason for me. I see...
  7. P

    Face hollow temples

    i have hollow temples of face ......i think the cause was wither drastic weight loss or mainly TMJ....which is jaw problem........ is there any natural way to fill the temples ???
  8. T

    penis enlargement injection

    You guys should watch this video!!!
  9. D

    PE Surgery: Reed VS Rosenthal

    Hey guys, I'm really considering to get lengthening and thickening procedures done and I've narrowed down my choices to either Dr. Harold Reed or Dr. Brian Rosenthal. I wanted to know if any of you had any experience with these procedures done by these doctors or know of anyone who has? I'm...
  10. T

    Priapus shot and O shot tomorrow morning!

    Excited about it. Wife is getting O shot. Will keep you informed.
  11. I

    The best Jelqing and Hair Removal cream...

    Just a quickie brothers... On a lot of threads here and even more on google, everyone seems to have the perfect Jelqing cream. I'm curious to learn what is the most commonly used and what works best. Also, if anyone keeps everything down there hair free, what do you use? I'll use a battery...
  12. L

    Body Workout: How I lost 50#

    I'm going to start with my SRT rainy day dumbbell workout. Get 2x 20# dumbbells. No bench needed tho for later if you get one it will help. Get a jumprope. A heavier leather one would be a better workout but for begginning on a rainy day any ropeyou can successfully jump with is better than...
  13. N

    would you be Ok with Huge Temporary gains?

    well guys After I stoped jelking and using my cock ring my gains are almost gone(6 inches in the past. 6.125 a month ago) I have made alot of research and I've been experimenting for about a month now and everything seem to be ok, I've just discovered a way to gain 1 inch of temporary girth...
  14. RedWood7

    Capsule form PABA question

    So I ordered two bottles of paba now brand. I assume y'all get the bulk form from pure bulk but I messed up. I want to just empty the capsules into my DMSO very carefully. Is this a bad idea? Should I just buy the bulk and wait? I don't want to waste my money so I want to use it. I doubt the...
  15. C

    Seizing the day getting under 200

    Hey there CarpeD1em here long story short im a ex athlete who graduated joined the working world and got fat. Im finally to the point where i need to change. I have a small daughter and want to be around long term. I want to teach her to live a long healthy life but if i can show it it doesn't...
  16. Penomet

    Penomet Prize Winner of 1000 USD announced!

    And the WINNER OF 1000 USD for the correct answer is: Originally Posted by arkailija: "The silicone gaiter is non-toxic, so it doesn't irritate the skin, competiting product has gaiter of not-so-safe plastic, which in action will abrade the skin. Also, the silicone gaiter allows the skin move...
  17. R

    A lifestyle Change - Advice needed

    So essentially i am vastly reducing meat from my diet bar 1 chicken and fish based meal per week. The advice i need is what fruit or vegetables can fill the void that are not going to break the bank (total budget is around £20 per week). What i have so far is... Weetabix Milk...
  18. R

    need Viagra

    Well I have decided that I want to try the lil blue pill (or a cheap generic) but I can find any! I kinda just wanted to get a few from someone and try them out but it seems that no one takes them! Haha so I guess I will have to go see the doc but its gonna be odd because I don't really have a...
  19. G

    What to look for in a protein powder?

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what to look for/what makes a good protein powder? Also, if you have any suggestions on specific brands that would be great. I have used whatever protein powder was on the shelf at the grocery store for awhile now, but I have a...
  20. keepingitbig

    Compounds & Power-lifts Vs Isolation?

    Do you think more compound movements & powerlifts are better vs isolation for muscle building growth? Your thoughts.
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