1. jekyllnhyde360

    Anyone else getting tired of the BS coming from western white women?

    Like i think we can all say we've entertained this 3rd way feminist idea long enough, it's really getting out of hand now, especially for white men. Between the feminist stupidity, compounded by liberal idiocy taking hold of every institution, whether it be media, hollywood, even colleges are...
  2. Destroyurr

    Feminism Reaches New Low!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqHYzYn3WZw Don't watch this video if: You don't like seeing small children cussing excessively, false political and economic claims, false claims about crime, and pure stupidity. After the #BanBossy campaign, which was funded by oil companies and big banks...
  3. D

    What Age Should You Start Your Son On PE And How Should You Go About It?

    Some fathers have their sons playing tackle football at 7 years old. So lets say that at birth you realize that your son may need PE. What Age Should You Start Your Son On PE And How Should You Go About It ? This is a SERIOUS QUESTION.
  4. Tahir Aqbar

    Civilization Kills Penis Size

    So I've been hitting the crack pipe all morning and I thought of this crazy theory... just kidding. I don't smoke crack but I do want to share this theory I have about penis size demographics, history, and how it impacts the sexuality of men in our modern society. Before I being I'm going to...
  5. P


    My fiancé is going on vacation with get girlfriends to miami next month...should I be worried that she'll cheat
  6. Benjamin Siegel

    Dumb MotherFckers and the Sluts They Create....

    i dont know if some of you feel the same way i do ..but i find myself havin anger towards certain kinds of females. the females that anger me are the ones that cheat, the ones that are size queens, and stuck up ones. my first reason is self explanitory. now its because of my second reason that...
  7. T

    Who the hell is this guy?

    He has the biggest dick in industry, so they say.. anyone knows who that is and his stats? Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouwgfKrukM4
  8. F

    reaching male/female equality and how it affects size - a theory

    I live in Sweden, and Sweden have according to many studies reached the longest when it comes to gender equality. Especially the last 5 years things have changed alot, which of course is great. For ex. it´s forbidden in job advertisements to seek for a specific gender. On haircutting studios...
  9. bIgjOe

    Anyone seen this marriage website?

    Wow guys this seems to me really depressing for anyone planning on marriage in the near future. The biggest problem was that when I thought about it from my own experience, alot of what was said seemed very plausible to me. Anyways check it out www.nomarriage.com, it kinda freaked me out, any...
  10. S

    Women are not victims, they are selfish.

    Okay the thread title is a bit harsh, buts this is my personal idea, tell me what you think. Women of today are being told since they can talk that they have been the victim of the world since time began. They are told that for centuries they have been oppressed by men. The result is women...
  11. iwant8inches

    I want your help

    I want to see what your opinions are about dating and romance today. What is romantic to all of you? Is it opening a door, puuling up a woman's chair for her, sending flowers unexpectedly, surprising your woman with a dim lit room with candles and rose petals? What? Does it seem odd to any...
  12. G

    Limp-Dicked PE Forums

    Man.... I'm sure you guys are familiar with that "other" popular Penis Enlargement forum. Jeez, what a bunch of touchy little bitch-asses. So easily offended and fuckin' PC it makes me sick. You can't speak your mind or disagree without being fucking banned. And it's real easy to get banned...
  13. A

    Question about the religious hindrance of foreskin

    So I was talking to my girlfriend the other day, and I said "If we ever have a son, I'm not getting him circumcized." Her - "Excuse me, yes we are." I proceeded to explain to her the properties of the foreskin, the reason for it, the lack of evidence for cleanliness problems, etc. My main...
  14. VladtheImpaler

    Can a regular US resident own a Minigun???

    Ever since the first time I saw Predator.....mainly the best scene in cinematic history, where Mack, Arnold and the other dudes in their elite task force are unloading thier clips (and the minigun mack took from his slain buddy Jesse Ventura) into the Cambodian Jungle, ripping down about an...
  15. M

    Theory On Why Doctor's Reject PE?

    My guess is that because doctors and lawyers are the highest paid professions (on average they make even more than CEO's believe it or not), they realize that their money and status is what gets them a hot wife and as many mistresses as they can get away with. So, naturally speaking a biggest...
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