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  1. Golden Crotch

    Fastest gains I've ever experienced!! OMG!!

    Hi everyone! GC Here. Some of you may have seen me post in the MOS forums before, most of you probably haven't. Back when I first joined MOS as my curiosity sprung up for PE, I would lurk around the site, and only post questions. Got myself a penimaster back then, and used it for a while. I...
  2. W

    If you could do just one...

    Finally back into my account! Lol. Ive been looking and I see alot of newbies like myself asking whats best for length or girth.But if you could just do one exercise to cover both, what would it be? Im fairly new to this, so I dont have a opinion yet
  3. B

    Edging progress journal.

    Hello all. I wasn't sure where to put this or if this is allowed or not but i figured I'd give it a go, and share my edging journal with you. At this point in time I think I'm done with PE. I'm happy with my size and the gf likes it also, my main issue it seems is I orgasm pretty fast...
  4. B

    Re-Results of the maturbation Jelq

    This excerise has done the most good for me. I warm up with my floor heater making sure my dick is relaxed stretchable. then i stretch jelq squeeze (both hands) for 30 or 45 min then i warm down...which helps you retain gains.If you want FAST results this definitelty the excercise for you...
  5. G

    Could anyone help me?!

    Hello guys I have been doing the newbie routine religiously for 20 days now with no days off, and as a newbie, I have questions, that might sound stupid but can help me with what I can probably get in the near future... So if someone can help me with those following questions, I would be...
  6. A

    SRT: Maximum Length

    DLD: I've been reviewing the principles of SRT, and I have basically decided to take the gains the remaining length gains that I am looking for (3''), and do it in the shortest amount of time. As I understand it, the basic components of any length routine are: Expressive Stretching...
  7. A

    Expressive Stretching

    Is the A-Stretch the single most effective stretch for expressing inner length? (Disregard the BathMate, for this question.)
  8. A

    Hanging vs manual stretching

    Whatup peeps, so I started pe a couple of months ago & purchased a bib hanger which I've used religiously 7 days a week for 3 sets of 25mins hanging up too 15lb with no gains thus far which is a little dissapointing but anyway so I decided to change things up a bit to prevent me getting too...
  9. L

    Best methods of preventing discomfort in a vac extender.

    I have been using a vac extender for 3 weeks for 4, 5, and 6 hours in working up to 8 a day. I am satisfied with the device, as I have an unusually cumbersome foreskin and really just could not stretch the bastard normally or with any respectable force. As a precaution I do take it off every...
  10. P

    I need a good short routine.

    Hey fellas, thanks in advance for any responses I get to this. Been doing PE about 3 months now and have some decent gains, no numbers really but me and my wife can notice a difference. Anyway, I am happily married and my wife is fine how I am, but of course I personally want to be bigger so I...
  11. B

    Are we growing an overdependency on PE devices?

    Hi Guys, I want to touch ask you a question that I think it's going to start a big controversy around here: "Are we growing an overdependency on PE devices, especially pumps due to our own lazyness???" I spent a good 10h on this weekend reading some of the oldest posts and writings I found...
  12. DLD

    Fast Gainers, Slow Gainer and No Gainers, what is the difference?

    All my time in penis enlargement has taught me many things. I have met many men who have wanted to enlarge their penis and if I had to create a spread sheet of questions and concerns most of these men would have identical stats. I literally answer 100's of questions a week and for the most part...
  13. B

    Question for the PE vets

    I am a new brother in the brotherhood! What's up guys? I'm a long time lurker here and finally decided that I was going to stop being so upset about my junk and do something about it. I've tried PE before and gave it up due to the time constraints but mainly because it was not a microwave...
  14. D

    Possible to Get Length From Bathmate?

    We all know the BM is good for gaining girth, but has anyone gotten length from it too? The site claims it adds length, but it seems like everyone uses it as a girth tool.
  15. master_mind

    i am uncut problems in jelq and can use vaccum pums instead of bath mate.

    please also suggest me the best routing for fast penis enlargement. ready to buy
  16. L

    Malehanger progress log

    ive just started hanging and am going to start a progress log to track gains (if I make any) and hopfully I do. any thoughts on how long I should hang for a day to see fast results, ive heard that heavy weight for 20 mins a day can make you gain like crazy, but should I do up to 1-2 hours even?
  17. D

    Over Pumping on purpose

    I have the X-40 pump and hit the top of it when the plunger is completely collapsed so im good on length just want a lot more girth, girth is 5.5 around. I used it for a couple weeks here and there about 15-20 minutes each time then one weekend I jumped in the tub with it and had it to full...
  18. S

    Results of a less commited

    Hi guys, Now, I've been wearing the device for a month now, and I'm getting comfortable with it. The velcro mod helped a lot. I intend to post pre-measurement and post measurement results here every month, to keep track and to motivate myself. In any discipline, some people are really...
  19. E

    Hi! looking for fast results, Can someone give me a good LENGHT Routine??

    I am currently doing exentder for 4 hours a day, Bathmate and jelging for 30 mins combined, Supersets of 5 mins. Taking suplements. Please help me for a better lenght routine, 6 months training for no results and i am still at 6.5 in lenght...
  20. A

    LOTS of questions! Need answers please (:

    Hello all I am pretty new to this stuff but I've been doing some research over the last couple of weeks and I have a ton of questions that hopefully you guys can answer. Well I started Penis Enlargement about 2 weeks ago using the Newbie Routine but after the 1st week I felt like I needed more...

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