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  1. S

    Private erotic stories

    A Change for the Better Ch. 1 I was 18 years old when my life changed for the better. I was overweight and wasn’t very popular in high school. One day, I was out at the mall and this black guy came up to me and said hello. I was in shock that a guy that sexy would even consider talking to...
  2. G

    The day I banged my 6 ft friends face to peices

    Just sitting around all day makes me very nervous. My sexual craving is usually to blame. Not a second goes by when I don't think of doing it. I was sitting in the living room with one of my friends, who is a fitness freak you wouldn't believe, watching some English soccer. An hour into the game...
  3. I

    The only barrier I face

    I have been doing Penis Enlargement on and off for a few years. There is only one problem I am facing which stops me from doing the exercises. Basically I want to do supra slammers but I can't stay erect for long. It gets soft. And I can't rub hard or I will get close to ponr very soon. Secondly...
  4. R

    Can't seem to get past 160!!!

    Doesn't matter what I do, I just can't reach higher then 160 in the Bathmate... Do any more experienced pumpers have any advice???
  5. Super

    Size Genetics Extender with the VLC Tugger with DISCOUNT!!!

    VLC Complete Package: CLICK HERE TO ORDER VLC Package with Discount AND YOU WILL NEED SizeGenetics Extender: 61% off the SizeGenetics NEW PROMOTIONAL ITEM! An SG Clip that works for the VLC-X to the MOS Offer page at TLC Tugger. Anyone who bought the VLC or VLC-X in August through...
  6. I

    Pumping: my life so far

    Hi guys this is my first ever post, on anything, I hope I've placed this in the right place, I'm sure the mods will sort it out if it isn't any way from what I have read on this forum you guys seem rly open and helpfully, so hear goes, the first time I ever heard about pumping was around the age...
  7. L


    its seems the guys on the site Penis Enlargement gym use routines that are very light and say less is more....while on this site the routines are a liitle bit more heavy....for example the newbie routine on here is far more advance then theirs...can some one tell me why?
  8. T

    The Genie

    I wasn't sure if this should be going to erotic stories or if this is more of a slightly funny story you guys choose The Genie I was house sitting for a rich friend who was over seas with all the privileges of a king while being a prisoner. I could have anything I wanted delivered but I...
  9. Shion

    Do I really want to start it? Kinda philisophical but would like advice and opinions

    Just registered. But I've been visiting here for a small while and I sort of felt at home. Penis size is just one of the many natural flaws men can have; some can be overweight, some can have muscular problems, some can have a lot of acne, some can have their teeth fall's a mess. Penis...
  10. S

    Staying hard during PE

    Hey guys, At college I don't have that much time to actually sit in front of the comp and do Penis Enlargement because I have a roommate and limited time. Usually I do my Penis Enlargement in the shower, which works fine for length and stretches. But for girth, I can't stay 100% hard in the...
  11. R

    My girth gains and what I have learned

    Ok guys before I tell you my gains, I know that it's still not that big to a lot of you but I was really stoaked after my last work out. I have this toilet paper role and I have always stuck my penis inside it to measure. nothing serious you know just kind of seeing if it's getting close...
  12. J

    virgin pussy

    question, would a 18 year old virgin's vagina be alot different than a 15 year old virgins?
  13. Lightning

    Happy Birthday Dld :)

    Sorry I forgot Your Birthday today, but you know I love you :) Friends To The End!
  14. S


    hey, i don't know if this is in the right thread or not, i'll let the higher powers decided if it is or not. i don't have any real updates, though i seem to be a lil more something, longer..i think. idk i didn't measure. however..the real thing is that kittie and i did in fact break up a while...
  15. J

    Madonna-Whore Complex

    I must say that I have this problem. i have a hard time seeing how a woman could be loyal and decent and also ravenously enjoy sex. I mean aren't all women sluts by nature just some haven't had the realization yet? This is a problem for me especially in the area of eventually getting married. I...
  16. insearchof9inch

    What is the most likely size women class 'huge' as?

    I showed my gf the picture of fatcockla that somebody posted on the forum a while back, and she said "you're probably gonna hate me for saying this, but I've had one about that fat before". Although I didn't say this to her, it was obviously complete bullshit. There are very few people with...
  17. K

    On the 6" Side of things

    I first noticed a change in my girth just before new years. I had gone about a week with no Penis Enlargement and no porn. Slept with two different chicks in that time who said I felt really thick and filled them up. My glans seemed bigger as well but I couldn't get to a tape rule. Got...
  18. G

    Another Study: Women Prefer Circumcision

    This one appears to have been conducted by an actual research MD employed by a university. He also does not appear to have a website selling his book on the matter that contains links to erotic stories about foreskin and "fictional explorations" explaining why men without foreskins can't seem...
  19. kong1971

    ACTUAL STUDY: Do Women Prefer Uncut Cock?

    BJU INTERNATIONAL, Volume 83, Supplement 1, Pages 79-84, January 1, 1999. The effect of male circumcision on the sexual enjoyment of the female partner K. O'HARA and J. O'HARA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CIRP note: The authors of...
  20. A

    Carlos gets his bird

    It started out as a night of drinking with a couple of female friends of mine. We went out and got drunk and sili and started talking about sex. These girls were openly BI and were a lot of fun. The talk got kinky and they started talking about bondage. I told them I liked the idea of...