1. R

    Erosets Vein Oil Revisited

    Hey guys so I wanted to make a post regarding this oil as I was actually surprised by its affects. This is something everyone should be using in my opinion. I found the recipe on the old post which can easily be found if you search or even google search "Erosets vein oil". After 3 days of using...
  2. M


    I have just recently discovered that I have thrombosis and was wondering if I can still stretch and if not is there anything I can do so I'm not completely inactive? Really worried about being sidelined for too long and having my goal pushed back a year or so. Any help would be greatly...
  3. A

    The array of supplements I've tried health and PE wise

    Greetings! This is my first thread. I've never really introduced myself to this community, but I've surely lurked around and posted a few times. Just a quick intro; 30-years old as of 2017, body weight changes, but 5'7" "strong" built, people don't often talk about my height that much nor...
  4. A

    Anyway to Avoid Stretch Marks With Bathmate?

    I've had stretch marks near base that go around my Dick since puberty. Since using the bathmate it seems they have gotten darker/bigger. Anyway to avoid this? With Jelqing is there less chance of stretch marks?
  5. eugine8plz

    Thrombosis vein or not?

    So i was just looking up different injuries in pe and my eye was caught by thrombosis. when i read up about it i realized that i might have a T vein myself. On the right middle side of my penis, when erect, there is a horizontal vein that is about .75"-1" long. It doesn't hurt when i touch it or...
  6. FireDragonLeo

    Wow! Natural option for Thrombosed Vein

    I had a slightly thrombosed vein that I noticed when I started PE in July of 2014. It's at the top of the base of my penis right where the shaft starts. It was slightly painful when doing girth work or certain stretches. About a year ago I was doing some intense manual stretching and felt a huge...
  7. P

    Need desparate help

    i began PE today after taking a months break because of a lump that used to be formed during penis exercises... today for 10 minutes i observed it wasnt there but it came back and in same size like it was previously. i realized there is a small part on the vein that swells up first looking like...
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