1. T

    Does Anal Masturbation / Prostate Stimulation affect Penis Enlargement?

    This is my first post! I've been lurking and reading for few months... I would like to use this opportunity to say Thank you all for teaching me such great exercises and introducing me to a whole another world. The journey has been great so far... Okay so I have always had this...
  2. D

    Numb penis and shower/grower question

    How do you heal a numb penis? And i become more of a grower when i do penis enlargement, and when i rest i become more of a shower. But ive read that pe makes you more of shower, how does that happen when my penis becomes more of a grower when i pe. thanks.
  3. C

    Penis Enlargement Surgery - Ligament cut

    Hey guys , need any advice I can get. I have been wanting the penis lengthening surgery forever, the one where they cut the tendon and you have to stretch it for up to 6 months after. Im familiar with everything and how to take care of it after etc. But any experiences? I think I am going to...
  4. I

    New here, hoping for some advice

    Hey , Im 25 from Ireland and struggle with some self esteem issues . Pretty annoying but common i think. I want to enlarge my penis but am worried about damaging it. Im hoping to just use jelqing. Any suggestions would be cool.. Thanks!
  5. Golden Crotch

    What is wrapping, and why is it necessary for PE?

    Bring on the answers! :)
  6. GeoKnight94

    Penis Enlargement Cream

    I have been looking at a documentary called: The Complete Sex Guide I was on Episode 2 Complete Sex Guide -Girls Guide To 21st Century Sex Episode 2 - YouTube Around 12:58 they start talking about dick enlargement & the guys been given different methods, a Stretcher, a pump & Dick...
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