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    DLD business email address?

    The owner of a popular PE device would like to contact DLD for a business partnership. Can you confirm his email address for me, please? guru.dld@gmail.com Attn.: I already PM DLD and the Administrator, but no one replied yet for 2 days. Thanks Tbone :-)
  2. K

    A quick thread in praise of our brother "huge-girth"

    I am a very new member to the brotherhood here, but was hoping it might be okay to take a moment to share my praise for the brother huge-girth. I have recently began a new program under his direction and cannot say enough kind words for all of his help. He has had seemingly unlimited patience...
  3. B

    dld, you could both post your current photos to inspire us

    dld, you could both post your current photos to inspire us
  4. DLD

    DLD Triangle Pyramid Hanging

    DLD Triangle Pyramid Hanging As with all routines start with 5 minutes of Bundled Stretches to prestretch the Tunica. 20 pounds is an arbitrary number which can be replaced by 10 pounds or 5 pounds depending on your experience. So using the reps at below adjust those numbers to lower numbers...
  5. DLD

    Male Multiple Orgasm by DLD

    Male Multiple Orgasm by DLD Introduction to multiple orgasms You may have heard that women are blessed with the ability to have multiple orgasms. While this is true of many women, what you probably haven't heard is that men are just as capable of experiencing multiple orgasms, if they can only...
  6. DLD

    DLD Peyronie’s and Bent Penis Routine

    DLD Peyronie's Routines DLD Peyronie’s and Bent Penis Routine Shaping Your Penis Overview Matters of Size techniques can be effective in most cases of Peyronie’s disease and/or bent penis disorder. By using pressure and stretch, you will be able to even out the sides of the penis. This is the...
  7. DLD

    DLD Twisted Rolls: hitting the Tunica and Septum with intensity

    DLD Twisted Rolls: hitting the Tunica and Septum with intensity I was working with another brother who is looking to deal with his Septum. If you don’t know what a Septum is it’s a structure that runs down the center of your penis along the top side that makes it very difficult to gain length...
  8. DLD

    Question of the week with DLD

    Hello my brothers, I am going to start doing the question of the week again. I will deliver this via video when I answer the questions. So any questions you may have please let me know in this thread and each week I will address those questions. thanks! ❤️
  9. DLD

    DLD Pulse 110’s. Can someone shoot a quick video?

    We do not have a video of the pulse 110 so I’m asking if anyone can film a quick video to help out the brotherhood. Here is the description: DLD Pulse 110 Stretch - Matters of Size | Penis Enlargement, Male Enhancement & Peyronies Forums Thanks to anyone who can help
  10. hnb

    DLD newbie routine results

    Hello guys. Happy New Year :) What results have you achieved with the DLD newbie routine ? I know DLD gained 2 inches with this routine. Im asking because many people don't want to use devices. How much do you think is possible to gain with this routine and how much have you or your friend's...
  11. hnb

    stretched flaccid length vs erected length

    Hello. I am a recovering ���� addict and i do not watch ���� and i am afraid of trying to get to a full erection. When i was 21 i am sure i had a 21 cm in length and 15 cm in girth. (8x6 inches). During my no fap journey i didnt use my penis as often and i am afraid i have lost size. Now my...
  12. B

    Brand New to PE and MOS

    Hey all, I just subscribed to the MOS online membership platform and it suggested I come here to get involved with the brotherhood. I'm really excited to see some serious results from this program. I have never done any PE before and honestly I've never really considered it until my latest...
  13. K

    Can't see pictures on this site

    Anybody else having problems seeing Attached Images on this website?
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