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    dht 10% dmso paba Tb 500!

    I’ve found 10% dht. There’s only one website with it. I’m 21 great genetics so It might get me to my goal faster. Starting out at 7.5x5.2 most lady’s never said anything negative about my size. I’m doing pe for self-improvement. I ran steroids for about a year did my pct recovered fine. I’m...
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    Brand New to PE and MOS

    Hey all, I just subscribed to the MOS online membership platform and it suggested I come here to get involved with the brotherhood. I'm really excited to see some serious results from this program. I have never done any PE before and honestly I've never really considered it until my latest...
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    Can't see pictures on this site

    Anybody else having problems seeing Attached Images on this website?
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    Bathmate x40 xtreme HELP

    Why is that with a few pumps with the x40 almost half the water is out of the bathmate? It keeps a seal, but there is less water inside the bathmate. The bottom of my penis is in water, and the top half is exposed to air.

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