diy hanger

  1. S

    Blood trapped in Glans/Head prevention?

    Whats up guys? The reason for my post is w/ regard to some questions about hanging or using resistance band stretching (with a hanger) and trying to minimize blood being trapped in the head of your penis. I have listed some questions below (I’d really appreciate some feedback and help). I did...
  2. youknowme123321

    Hanging 23 pounds!!!

    hanging 23 pounds!!! My highest weight!!!
  3. Dirk-Diggler

    New DIY hanger - Pictures & explaination - Dirk-Diggler =)

    Hey guys, this is a "new" idea for a hanger that I've been using effectivly for about a week. I had trouble finding the parts for the KingSnake hanger in the UK so I had to order them online, but got impatient and went out looking for something which I could use to make a makeshift hanger...
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