curved dick

  1. REDZULU2003

    Free ebook - Penile Disorders by Prof. Dr. med. Hartmut Porst

    Over 300 pages covering the anatomy and physiology of the penis. Discusses various injuries and conditions by a medically trained expert in Urology. Takes time to read, but should be useful for many of us on here. The download is
  2. A

    PE: 24 Hours Per Day

    Question for DLD: So, I've been reading Jcsd's log (where he is attempting to create a routine that will last for 24 hours per day), and it was similar to my original thoughts on how penis enlargement should be done. I had put many hours and research in to solving my problems with the Size...
  3. GeoKnight94

    Saw the Urologist

    So I finally saw a Urologist about my curved dick & he tells me that it is naturally curved, not caused by peyronies or any other thing else, & that there isn’t any treatment I need for it. I was honestly shocked by it I kind of messed up the information I was going to give him about this...
  4. 8

    Penis curve, what the hell can be done about it? Any Results anyone?

    :cool: Hi all, all cool? I would like for you dudes to input ay info you might have come across about Peyronne's desease ( The infamous bend ) [I]n my case it is getting out of hand, literally. If someone knows of a safe but sure way of correcting a curve we all will appreciate the results...
  5. B

    This guy has been keeping up with his PE

    He is still at it. Especially with his girth. He had the length but the girth wasn't there like is now. Really impressive. Lets me know to sick with it and it takes time. what do you think his size is now? I'm going with 8.5x6...
  6. N

    boner bends do these already exist

    this is a exercise that i do dont know if it already is one but its the most effective. you get a 100% hard erection then with your hands bend your dick to the right or left really hard for about 30 sec to 1 minute. you use two hands sort of opposing directions and simulating a curved...
  7. K

    KINGSNAKE (Back with a vengance and brand new gains with pics and comparisons)

    Hey guys Kingsnake here. It’s been a while since I’ve posted regularly on Matter of size. I am proud to say that I’ve have made some more gains. Back around November of 2008 I took a decon break because I wasn’t gaining much anymore. I started Penis Enlargementing regularly again around...
  8. I

    upward curve

    ive seen a few people mention, they would like to have a upward curve, can anyone explain in detail why? is it healthier, or is it better for your girl? i am very curious, thanks in advance.
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