curved dick

  1. B

    Only just beginning my journey 👏🏻

    Here to hoping we can lengthen the short side to match the long side 😎😎🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 a straight 8.5” would be amazing !!!
  2. B

    Curve correction

    Brand new here . Looking to correct some curve . Think I’ve had this curve as long as I can remember not sure if it’s through trauma etc or just a natural occurrence . Started yesterday . 30 mins stretch / traction with silicone sleeve and suction cup 30 mins semi erect jelq against curve 5...
  3. A

    PE: 24 Hours Per Day

    Question for DLD: So, I've been reading Jcsd's log (where he is attempting to create a routine that will last for 24 hours per day), and it was similar to my original thoughts on how penis enlargement should be done. I had put many hours and research in to solving my problems with the Size...
  4. GeoKnight94

    Saw the Urologist

    So I finally saw a Urologist about my curved dick & he tells me that it is naturally curved, not caused by peyronies or any other thing else, & that there isn’t any treatment I need for it. I was honestly shocked by it I kind of messed up the information I was going to give him about this...
  5. 8

    Penis curve, what the hell can be done about it? Any Results anyone?

    :cool: Hi all, all cool? I would like for you dudes to input ay info you might have come across about Peyronne's desease ( The infamous bend ) [I]n my case it is getting out of hand, literally. If someone knows of a safe but sure way of correcting a curve we all will appreciate the results...
  6. N

    boner bends do these already exist

    this is a exercise that i do dont know if it already is one but its the most effective. you get a 100% hard erection then with your hands bend your dick to the right or left really hard for about 30 sec to 1 minute. you use two hands sort of opposing directions and simulating a curved...
  7. I

    upward curve

    ive seen a few people mention, they would like to have a upward curve, can anyone explain in detail why? is it healthier, or is it better for your girl? i am very curious, thanks in advance.
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