1. L

    Return, Sell, or stick with it???

    Hey everybody, I recently got my new Phallosan Forte, literally yesterday, and I'm having some issues with it. Everything works fine, I'm able to put it on and wear it, but the issue comes from its bulkiness. When I strap it on, the pump jets out just past the curvature of my hip making this...
  2. N

    My sexual life has finnished

    hi all i am 23 y.o and i believe now that my sexual life has finnished , i feel ashamed for my self my penis and my duration when i am having sex with a girl First of all i have a small d*ck , erected is 13-14 cm in length ( 5-5.5 inches ) and girth is near head 9 cm (3.5 inch ) near body is...
  3. M

    bathmate only routine

    few things I'd like to cover here, in regards to using a bathmate across the next year. first and foremost I only want a bathmate routine (no massive jelq sessions, no manual stretching or other manual enlargement techniques) not out of laziness, its out of fear of injuring myself and I hate...
  4. M

    bathmate for curvature

    hello, wandering if anyone can help me here. I have an approximately 20-25 degree leftward curve, I'm yet to find out if its peyronies, but its a gradual curve from the base and likely congenital, unlike most peyronies ive seen with a prominent bend midshaft. what I want to know is if anyones...
  5. S

    Brand new here trying to find out info

    Hey guys so from what I've gathered so far I know NOTHING of this topic beyond what it is meant to achieve. In any sense what Im looking for is the recommended ways to go about increasing both length and girth. Unfortunately while I want to do this time is a bit of an issue with a bastard of a...
  6. wakingdream

    Phallosan vs VLC tugger vs others

    I'd like to get a suction product for length. I did a ton of research and reading on the forums, but the more I read the more undecided I am. My main goal is to have something to grip the head of my penis, comfortably and preferably for a long time. I currently have a LengthMaster and a...
  7. J

    Help please! Increase angle, stronger erections/better EQ.

    I want to give some stats about myself first just in case it can help, Im 23, Im getting back into my sports routine after a lazy-off year, I never tried PE and Im not interested in getting my member any longer Im happy with my size but I do want and need better eq, Im starting to eat cleaner...
  8. S

    Sore left lig

    My left ligament is sore every day. No sharp pains, just ache. I assume it's growing pains, and that perhaps the left lig is what's holding back length gains, so I'm keeping my daily routine, but I figured I'd ask some pros. Cool to power through the soreness?
  9. E

    Slow Results??

    Hi guys, my routine has to be bathmate and penismaster pro as my works quite active. I'm looking for advice on what I'm doing and how to improve it. I've been using my bathmate for about 6months with the strap for a single 15min set. Nothing much happened tbh. Then one day it slipped...
  10. D

    Possible Bathmate and jelq injury?

    Have done some reading, and can't find much in the following concerns. Have done wet jelquing in the past, and nothing else. No injuries then. Fast forward to three years later, and wanted to try the Bathmate x40 for diameter gains. Have been using the X40 for eight weeks, three to four times...
  11. Marcelo7

    Slow Squash Jelq and the format of the penis

    Before I started PE I had a penis of a little less than 17cm(6,7 inches) BPEL, now I have 18cm(7,08 inches) BPEL. Girth: Before: I don't remember well, but it was about 4,7 inches at the base. My goal is: 8.5 or 9 x 6 inches. I'm not so disciplined and since september 2015 I have stopped...
  12. N

    TGC theory?

    Has anyone switched to TGC theory after plateauing in length and gained? In theory is says if your Erections are weak and BPFSL is longer than BPEL at .5 inches inches or above the smooth muscle is the limiting factor. Therefore, you should work on girth. Some info on me is that ive been...
  13. G

    Clamping exercises

    Hello brothers I have recently started clamping as a supplement to my routine. (Length in the morning, clamping in the evening) I read that Redzulu had made a guide with a lot of clamped exercises explained? (Both for girth and length) Is there anyone who has this guide, or can link it...
  14. habban

    Bundled stretches and curvature

    Hello! I think bundled stretches was the reason my right CC got bigger and that my penis suddenly points to the left. That is what i experiencing at least, right CC bigger and penis points to left and looks kinda twisted like a bundled twist without me doing anything. Its permanent twisted now...
  15. Mlathem

    Im Back, Went to the Doc- Diagnosed Peyronie's

    Hey guys, I left for about 3 weeks due too my injury. I thought it was Thrombosis but I just went to the Doctor and he said there was Calcification on the top of my Penis. He diagnosed it as peyronie's plaque, he said there is nothing I can do. I good and well know that there is a solution and...
  16. habban

    Septum hinder gains?

    Hello guys! I stumbled across this thing called the septum and was talking with a guy on PEGym that strongly believe this "Septum/Cord" or whatever you call it is a limiting factor you can't go beyond. He has been doing PEGym since 1999 however. This is a piece of what he wrote to me...
  17. habban

    Road to width gains?

    Hello! I have recently started to notice that my "CS" area gets more and more filled, adding girth to my shaft. This is great yes and i'm glad i have found a promising way to develop it. But what i haven't found is a great way to manually increase width. When my penis is 100% erect and i keegel...
  18. Y

    How to apply the correct tension in a curved penis

    Hi guys, I bought my x4 labs a years back and would use it for a months or 2 but after not seen results I would quick. This time I am determined to do it at least 6 months, I'm 2 months in already at 200 hours and yet to see any results. My best friend curves to the left pretty good. I see some...
  19. N

    Peyronie's and ED?

    Just visited the urologist, and there is more to my peyronie's than a curve. I learned that there is some calcium build-up which actually limits blood flow, so my penis doesnt engorge evenly when getting an erection. (think a less exaggerated hourglass shape) But the middle of the shaft...
  20. T

    Is there any height manipulating people here?

    I saw an old post of people attemping to make themselves taller Did it work?
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