condom sleeve

  1. B

    anyone try this with a piercing??

    Hey I am just wondering if anyone on the site has this as well as a cock piercing?? if so have you had any issues with the phallosan???? I ask because I asked if it is usable with a piercing on their customer support area and they said it will not work with a prince albert??? If there is...

    stretching while I go to sleep

    Every night I stretch while I'm in bed, I do bundles in all directions, regular stretches, __________'s, V's and A 's and after I've finished I turn on my side get into the behind the cheeks stretch while I go to sleep. I'm not sure how long I'm in this position for , I suppose it could be...
  3. D

    Wrong size

    I recently got the phallosan and have been wearing it for a few days, I noticed that the medium sized condom is slightly too wide and air is slipping out, but the small sized condom sleeve is too tight and difficult to remove. Does anyone else have this problem?
  4. superman05xx

    Phallosan Forte Condom Sleeve Alternatives

    I am just going to keep this simple and give you folks some phallosan forte condom sleeve alternatives that I have found over the years... because we all know the original sleeves break in time. Both can be found on aliexpress by searching silicone sleeves. On Aliexpress the name it is...
  5. B

    10 mos, zero length growth... oh wth

    Yep, I swore that this moment would not come. That is, the time to make this post. It's not Armageddon, mind you. But something I thought, "No damn way, that will never occur". Bottom line, hanging and other PE seriously since May, and no length growth. However, a lot of girth growth. Wait...
  6. kak03

    Question for the monsters

    For those of you who have a penis that is too long to fit completely into a vagina, would you prefer having a shorter penis for sex? I know that many of us here are doing pe for other reasons than just sex and I know that many want a long penis no matter what it does to their sex life. They´re...
  7. P

    Continuous wearing

    So we know we can wear the phallosan all night but how long can you wear it continuously , No bathroom breaks, just the device on straight, with descent Tension? Has this device when worn for too long at too high intensity been know to in rare circumstances to cut off a lot of circulation.
  8. P

    All day stretch, need expert advice

    So I want to keep my penis elongated all day! Between using my devices. Thing is I need something that I can just put on and leave on, no reapplying constantly. Can't restrict bloodflow even if getting NRBs every now and then, I tried using the flaccid jacket which is like a rubber tube, it's...
  9. runningignus

    Under a work uniform

    Does anybody wear their PF under a work uniform like Cintas or whatever? I work with steel and using a bandsaw and CNC machines. I keep my clothes snug so they won't snag on anything but will it hinder the use of the PF while at work? Like the waist strap and I know people will see the knee...
  10. OnK

    Ab Silcone for PF/PF+SG.

    Hey people, So, I've had the PF for a while now and I'm liking it a lot but in the early days when I was still getting used to it I ripped two of the medium sleeves as I was applying it incorrectly (too much force) but after watching a video I've since learned the correct method. I prefer...
  11. P

    always getting blister from PF now

    i had quit PE for awhile....but when i use PF now i am ALWAYS getting blisters aroung the tip of the glans.....why is this happening ???? i never useto to get them earlier ..... can the bell be small for me ???? it like perfect size right now but can the gator thingy cause this when i pump...
  12. U

    My honest review of the Phallosan Forte

    Ok, so I've been using the phallosan forte for a few days now and I think I've got all the pros and cons figured out. First the bad. The price is absolutely the biggest problem I have with this device. It is very high quality but nonetheless it is pretty much all plastic. This thing should...
  13. F

    My Phallosian Forte LOG.

    just making a log for my own gains... I finally came to terms with spending $364 on the phallosian forte. It should be coming within the next week! Very excited. will update my log every month or so!
  14. MoS-Newbie

    New Levels of Comfort! Easy tips to avoid glans pressure & pain at the base!

    Hey guys, maybe some of you already know this, but I just tried something out. I found that to keep a good suction going, I had to pump like 3 or 4 times. But I was using the medium sized bell with the medium sized sleeve-condom. So with every pump, my glans would become bigger and eventually...
  15. GeoKnight94

    Look at this Penis Pump Machine Looks interesting.
  16. B

    Hello, using creativity invented this extender based on Phallosan

    and a great extender, however advise using only as support for the exercises, because it used too hard can the void can leave very painful glans, and that way you will not be able to do manual exercises, believe learned that the hard way, more and an optimal tool for the SRT training, that can...
  17. master_mind

    Finally I got rid of water retention,wear vaccum devices for hours. Bonus for uncut.

    See the picture below. Tape anti fluid from monkey bar. It's simple 3M foam tape. Then I wear the phallosan sleeve. Then on top I wear the sleeve from monkey bar. Now I use the medium bell of phallosan . I have to push a little hard with my index finger to squeeze my penis in the bell, then...
  18. C

    Phallosan Forte

    Alrighty kiddies, I see there isn't a Phallsan Forte review up here yet so I will be the pioneer! I just got the thing today (took 2 days to get from Germany to my house.... I'm still waiting on lights for my car which I ordered 4 days, from California, before I order this thing and they...
  19. master_mind

    I need help now my phallosan sucks.

    Started my P.E. again after my frenulum healed. I use medium size of bell of phallosan But now after creating the vaccum as I wear my belt my penis just pulls away from the bell. I have double checked my n procedure. I am doing the same way I used to do earlier. Device is okay as I...
  20. N

    Tugger method vs normal method

    What has been the feed back people have received while using the SG with one of the comfort methods versus the VLC tugger, I use the tugger on and off. If I can be more religious with is I'm sure I will have some nice gains. I feel immense burning at the base and try and increase as much tension...
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