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  1. G

    Pump sleeve for Bathmate X30

    I'm seriously looking at getting into a Bathmate X30, I already have (and love!) a Venus 2000, and the Bathmate would be a nice addition to my routine. I'm currently 5" long so the X30 should fit me with room to grow. I'm looking at what works in accessories/mods, and I'm seeing a lot of helpful...
  2. R

    Pump clamping

    Has anybody tride doubleing a thick rubber band around the inside of a penis pump sleeve? Its more powerful than just a clamp alone.
  3. F

    New way to connect PhalloGenetics

    I've been experimenting trying to find the best way to connect my PF to my X4 extender. Some have used string, others wire and pipe cleaners. I bought some pipe cleaners today and they work well, with but one problem. Because the pipe cleaner is attached to the space on the PF bell where the...
  4. F

    Phallogenetics Tension Questions

    Good day, gentlemen! Today, I will go down to the Post Office and pick up my Phallosan Forte PLUS an XL bell. Also on order is an X4 labs stretcher. I ordered this one over the Size Genetics primarily because I live in Canada and the X4 is made in Canada and shipped within Canada, so no...
  5. R

    First time using the bathmate!

    I've just had my first bathmate session and I encountered a few problems. I have a 'fat pad' depite being quite a skinny guy and have ended up with bruising. Also, I didn't expand to my full erect length even at full pressure, what am I doing wrong? My heart rate was sky high after usage too, is...
  6. D

    The Grind

    Hello!!!! I've been lurking on this sight for a LONG time (like, 2 years maybe?) and I've finally made the commitment to start a consistent PE journey. I was way to distracted in college, but now I've graduated and have even been offered my first real job, which means that I'll have money of...
  7. E

    Lil Update and possible input from the brothers, some help if you may

    Hi MOS Lately i've taken my PE commitment to a new level, throughout all of 2016 so far. since feb 1st, i been doing this routine: Length Day: - warm up - 1 X Expressive stretches(all angles), 1 minutes each stretch. - 1 X Bundled stretches left and right, 1 minute each - 1 X...
  8. CokeCanCock

    CokeCanCock journey to 9x6

    Starting stats: 8x5.4 MEG (Although I did measure 5.5 yesterday but I am coming to an end of my beginner routine and my average 90% erection is 5.25 meg) Up until this point I have been conditioning with the JP90. I am now slowly introducing new things and starting Big Als Jelq Free...
  9. Big Schwanz Acht

    Big Schwanz Acht vs. inertia...or a 'how to' for the lazy guy to get

    I've been lurking for over a year and determined this would be a great 'second home' based on all the experience, knowledge and positive energy. Here's some background and what brought me to this mysterious and wonderful world; My journey probably started with a few seeds of insecurity...
  10. S

    Best place to get a 'Universal Pump Sleeve' in the U.K?

    Hi there, I can't find anywhere in the U.K or europe even, that sells the Universal pump sleeve. (i did find one source on but it costs £38 for one!) is there just the single brand that works for the x40 - the one that comes in a pack of two different colours? -- i've just...
  11. BigBeardBig

    BigBeardBig - the journey

    Start stats: 6x5 inches + newbie routine Think I will be ordering Bathmate soon after few weeks.
  12. habban

    Hercules or X30?

    Hello! I'm seriously thinking about getting a bathmate, i want to increase my girth very much! The thing is that i can get a bathmate hercules really cheap compared to the X30 model. So i just wonder, is there any vital difference between the models? I can get a hercules for less than the...
  13. L

    Comfort sleeve vs wine vac mod

    So with manual pumping the comfort sleeve limits the pressure you can produce significantly. Would using the winevac mod on a bathmate with the comfort sleeve be as effective as without it?
  14. C

    No girth gain from X30 Xtreme Bathmate

    I am wondering if anybody has a solution for lack of girth gain from using the X30 Xtreme Bathmate. I received the bathmate about 3 weeks ago. At the end of first week I gained 1/4" in length and currently still have the 1/4" in length after about 3 weeks of continued use. For whatever reason I...
  15. C

    NO girth gain from X30 Xtreme

    I am wondering if anybody has a solution for lack of girth gain from using the X30 Xtreme Bathmate. I received the bathmate about 3 weeks ago. At the end of first week I gained 1/4" in length and currently still have the 1/4" in length after about 3 weeks of continued use. For whatever reason I...
  16. M

    Newby Needs Help - Bathmate X30 with hand pump

    Hi all - Great forum, I just received my Bathmate X30 with the hand ball pump but it include no detailed instructions - help please. I use it in the shower, not the bath and no matter what I do, I get air pockets. Can it not be used in the shower? A few details I need to know: How do I...
  17. 9

    Comfort Mods for Phallosan Forte

    Hey fellas, Just a quick post on how I made the Phallosan forte comfortable for me. The things I use may seem like overkill, but it was necessary for me. Others may not need all or any of what I use. I use silicone comfort pads, one beneath my glans, and another at the base of my penis...
  18. robodick304

    plateauing and how to get through it

    It's been a long long while since I've last posted on this site :) it's good to be back though brotha's! Today I'm inquiring about plateauing. about a year ago I finally broke past 7 inches! I am currently at 7 & a 1/4 inches, and have been stuck here for a couple months now... I know I can...
  19. superman05xx

    The superman05xx log

    A humble title to my log but hopefully I will make excellent gains. As some of you know I decided to take time off from PE. The reason is simple, I did something dumb. A while ago I came across the thread “Clamped Pumping” which is here...
  20. K

    x40 comfort sleeve pain

    Got my Bathmate about 2 months ago. Now using and getting my gains. My penis curves upward. While pumping it presses up against the end of the sleeve about half way up my shaft. And my head presses up again the tube itself... any ideas of fixing this problem? The end of the sleeve has become...
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