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  1. G

    Pump sleeve for Bathmate X30

    I'm seriously looking at getting into a Bathmate X30, I already have (and love!) a Venus 2000, and the Bathmate would be a nice addition to my routine. I'm currently 5" long so the X30 should fit me with room to grow. I'm looking at what works in accessories/mods, and I'm seeing a lot of helpful...
  2. R

    Pump clamping

    Has anybody tride doubleing a thick rubber band around the inside of a penis pump sleeve? Its more powerful than just a clamp alone.
  3. F

    New way to connect PhalloGenetics

    I've been experimenting trying to find the best way to connect my PF to my X4 extender. Some have used string, others wire and pipe cleaners. I bought some pipe cleaners today and they work well, with but one problem. Because the pipe cleaner is attached to the space on the PF bell where the...
  4. F

    Phallogenetics Tension Questions

    Good day, gentlemen! Today, I will go down to the Post Office and pick up my Phallosan Forte PLUS an XL bell. Also on order is an X4 labs stretcher. I ordered this one over the Size Genetics primarily because I live in Canada and the X4 is made in Canada and shipped within Canada, so no...
  5. E

    Lil Update and possible input from the brothers, some help if you may

    Hi MOS Lately i've taken my PE commitment to a new level, throughout all of 2016 so far. since feb 1st, i been doing this routine: Length Day: - warm up - 1 X Expressive stretches(all angles), 1 minutes each stretch. - 1 X Bundled stretches left and right, 1 minute each - 1 X...
  6. C

    NO girth gain from X30 Xtreme

    I am wondering if anybody has a solution for lack of girth gain from using the X30 Xtreme Bathmate. I received the bathmate about 3 weeks ago. At the end of first week I gained 1/4" in length and currently still have the 1/4" in length after about 3 weeks of continued use. For whatever reason I...
  7. M

    Newby Needs Help - Bathmate X30 with hand pump

    Hi all - Great forum, I just received my Bathmate X30 with the hand ball pump but it include no detailed instructions - help please. I use it in the shower, not the bath and no matter what I do, I get air pockets. Can it not be used in the shower? A few details I need to know: How do I...
  8. 9

    Comfort Mods for Phallosan Forte

    Hey fellas, Just a quick post on how I made the Phallosan forte comfortable for me. The things I use may seem like overkill, but it was necessary for me. Others may not need all or any of what I use. I use silicone comfort pads, one beneath my glans, and another at the base of my penis...
  9. robodick304

    plateauing and how to get through it

    It's been a long long while since I've last posted on this site :) it's good to be back though brotha's! Today I'm inquiring about plateauing. about a year ago I finally broke past 7 inches! I am currently at 7 & a 1/4 inches, and have been stuck here for a couple months now... I know I can...
  10. Zambrodom3

    What is the worst experiece you have had during a session to date?

    Hey boyz! It is a stupid thread ,I know, but me and a few brothers had a discussion on this and I thought it would be interesting to hear you on this as well. What is your worst experience during a Penis Enlargement session? Mine is- As I was following my routine religiously, once -after a...
  11. Dickleaker

    Kettle Bell Thread

    Hey guys, I was inspired to start this thread by Priapus90 because he got such good length gains from the Gold's Gym Band stretches.He has also incorporated the 10lb kettle bell weight into his routine. I bought the 15 lb kettle bell from Walmart.They have 10,15 and 20 lb. ones to select...
  12. C

    pumping too long?

    i know most guys say pump 20-30 min max, but im sure there are some that pump longer. could it be harmful to pump too long? whats the absolute longest one should pump? i personally go close to 40 min but i do 10 min of pumping followed by 5 min of ssj then repeat. what are the negatives of...
  13. DLD

    SizeGenetics Attachment Modification Velcro Strap by J1L

    For those SizeGenetics users who do not like the comfort strap or for men still using the old noose method, this is a very easy way to make a modification to the SizeGenetics Extender head piece. Thanks to J1L for the pictures.
  14. DLD

    DLD BathMate Girth Blasters (full routine)

    As many know I am as new to pumping as the Bathmate is to MOS. ALthough I am not looking for active gains I am having a lot of fun with this new routine and who knows, maybe I can pack on another half inch of girth. Anyway, thus far, using the Bathmate, I have had so much fun and to see the...
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