broken dick

  1. bluetard117

    Been out of the game...

    Hey all, So I've been out of Penis Enlargement for a good while now, and I really have no excuse for not doing it other than laziness and procrastination. Procrastination on getting a bigger dick, sounds crazy, right? I mean, who in their right mind wouldn't jump on that shit? Anyway, my...
  2. B

    Redz frendos and srt

    Redz Frendos have changed the game for me I've been doing 3 20 min sets a day and weekends off for two weeks and during the exercise my girth is 6.75 after the set it's 6.5 and after a weekend break its 6.25 and I started at 6.1 the trick is to wrap ace bandage around the base when not working...
  3. X

    Progress log - hydromax way

    hydromax a nice tool
  4. stillwantmore

    Embracing ''Discomfort'' Another KEY To BIG Gains

    Embracing ''Discomfort'' The KEY To BIG Gains I've been at this game of ours for over a decade now. I know, I come off as a bragart sometimes, or someone who seems full of himself. However, I feel I have a lot of experience and true, documented gains...unlike many so called ''gurus'', or...
  5. D

    My less then average penis PE story

    Hi all, I've read so many things on this forum and �other PE site� that inspired and helped that I believe I am in debt of sharing my own story thus ending my lurking ways. Ever since adolescence I've been in the awkward position of being a tall,well built man with desirable facial features-in...
  6. H

    getting off to the right start!

    i have just begun 1st of November with 10 min warm up, 10 min of stretching, and about 10 mins of Jeqltings. I am 6.5 hard, 5girth -i am pushing my time a few minutes each time to increase the intensity, so i'm very interested with what others would recommend. hopeful4growth
  7. S

    guys please tell me the quickest ways to cure numbness of the head and loss of nerves

    i recently lost the sensitivity in me penis,could anyone please help me on how to get it back,my head of penis feels number but all over doesnt feel the same i can feel the skin though
  8. T

    P.E. and masturbation fucked up my penis (honest truth here)

    Has anyone else experienced this recently I have been down because of what I have done to myself I feel so stupid for trying these exercises. 1st off when I was 17 I pulled my penis a bit far by accident and ended up getting weaker erections after as a result. It takes now 80 - 90% for my penis...
  9. M

    I'm really small, and need help.

    Yeah. Mine is 4.7 inches long when fully erect (non bone pressed) and 4.0 inches in girth/circumference at the widest part which is the middle of the shaft, and that's really thin and pencil like. I just turned 18 years old last week. I am fat, and losing weight will help a little, so...
  10. R

    Insane idea, but I might try it!!! Explosive Stretches on Rowing machine

    Use my penis to pull the lever back and fourth on my rowing machine :cool: I thought of this awhile back, if I could attach my penis to the lever safely [I have an idea how] I could than sit on the seat and lean back, and my penis would be getting a god workout from pullin the handle. I...
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