1. D

    BIB Hanger causing Urethral Stricture? Urologist thinks so

    So I got a very bad UTI (presented no symptoms until it spread to kidneys and then I was in a world of trouble). When men get UTI's it's serious biz. All my tests proved negative (BPH, kidney issues etc) so I sat down with the Urologist to go over what is going on. I told him I penis hang...
  2. D

    Resting from Kegels

    Should you take rest days from kegels since pc muscles ARE muscles? And all muscles need rest when exercised
  3. H

    Dht cream

    Anyone on here have any experience using DHT cream? I have some concerns about it and I want to know if anyone can help claryfing them: 1. I have a concern with the potential for hair loss. Anyone experience this? If so, can it be countered or reversed? 2. Ive read that it affects how the...
  4. L

    Viagra for size?

    Read somewhere here that it would be good for size to be able to have a boner 24/7. Now, I read online that you can get a 3-4 hours boner with Viagra. What if I combine this with manual work? Do the workout beford bed and then take a pill to stay hard for at least a few hours of healing?
  5. D

    So this website ruined my penis

    How naive was i, damn it, for really going through with these exercises and now i can't even get an erection anymore without some pills helping me and even after that the the problem still persist because i can't hold it. It's a nightmare and it's been going for years. I've seen many doctors and...
  6. R

    >>> Im Pissing Thick Red Bloodright Now!!!<<< Help!!

    GUYS i have been clamping for the past 6 months withougt any problem , well today after 2 sets i got an urge to piss . and holy shit il pissing thick blood in my toilet go to the hospital? or will it go away
  7. M

    premature ejaculation is a killer

    Im depressed. I cant find a way to cure this anywhere. MAN.... If I would have known jacking off to quickly as a kid would do this me I would have never done it. damn im desprite.. anyone know of a way to cure this?
  8. F

    DHT Gel

    To jump on a subject about DHT Gel that Supra and others have brought forth. What about this below? It's a hard read, but informative... ~~~~~~~~~ Background: Percutaneous administration of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) has been successful in promoting phallic growth in infants and children...
  9. DLD

    Enlargement through Frequent Erections

    I have read a ton of studies on Priapism (prolonged erections) I started to think about self imposed erections for a long amount of time. Perhaps taking viagra and keeping stimulation going for a few hours. Maybe even a clamp to hold the erection longer would be in order. There just seems to...
  10. V

    Supra's Experiement With...

    does any1 know what happened with SUPRA's experimentation with IGF-1? he seemed to want to try to see if injecting that would lead to better gains?
  11. S

    Testosterone Testing

    Ok I'm just wondering if anyone can explain this to me. I had my total testosterone checked 2 times. My results from 2 months ago were 500 ng/dL taken at around 10 o'clock in the morning. Now I did another test and its dropped to 407 ng/dL taken around 12:30. I know t tests should be done in...
  12. R

    Herbs: Jargon buster, whats what!!!!!

    This is a copy from my old work at PP, thought it would be useful here too. ---- I know alot of ya aint a clue about whats what when it comes to herbs/vitamins etc etc, so heres a guide to it, by yours truly. L-arginine (highest quality) L-Arginine is a naturally occurring amino...
  13. 8 isn't enough

    The differnce is size in the races

    "The human SRD5A2)5A2 gene encodes for the type 2 5aR enzyme. African-American men appear to have a unique family of 121-131 bp alleles not found in men with lower life time risk of prostate cancer such as Asian-Americans and Non-Hispanic whites. In another report, the 5aR activity in Japanese...
  14. WaxN

    some pe physiology

    Penis Enlargement "The science behind it" We have poured over recent journals and reports and we have learned that recent studies conducted by scientist D.J. Millward have shown that muscle cells (including the ‘corpora cells’ within the penis) are surrounded by thin sheaths of connective...
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