1. eugine8plz

    Exercises for Flaccid Gains?

    I am trying to make some flaccid gains within the next few months (3-5 months). Does anyone have any exercise recommendations that are especially good for flaccid gains?? Thanks bros!!
  2. F

    Which is better- Hydromax Xtreme vs. Hercules w/ vacuvin

    Hello, If you have tried both, which do you think is better and why? The Hydromax Xtreme X30 vs. the Hercules w/ the Vacuvin mod. Also, if I did the vacuvin mod to the the Hydromax Xtreme how would the performance compare the the Hercules w/ vacuvin? How easy is it to pump up the bathmats w/...
  3. J

    *** Best routine for someone with limited time?? ***

    Hi, Ive been coming to these forums for a long time. I love it! I have a question for all the members. Im a busy professional that does not have a lot of free time. I can do maybe 2 hours a day MAX for PE’ing these days. What do you guys suggest a great routine for someone with...
  4. Mlathem

    Im Back, Went to the Doc- Diagnosed Peyronie's

    Hey guys, I left for about 3 weeks due too my injury. I thought it was Thrombosis but I just went to the Doctor and he said there was Calcification on the top of my Penis. He diagnosed it as peyronie's plaque, he said there is nothing I can do. I good and well know that there is a solution and...
  5. Y

    universal pump sleeve bathmats x30 HELP!!!

    hi guys i just got the universal pump sleeves for my bathmats x30 because i was getting pain in my balls and the rings, so i tried it out today and I've put the sleeve on, firstly the opening is too small for me to get through for me, after this happened i cut the opening to make a larger hole...
  6. wilywily

    Future Bathmate

    Hello all, I have a small question for the purchase intended of a bathmats. I would want to get myself a Bathmate but I do not know which cuts to take. It is to recommend to take X20 on the site with a size 18 long and 16 in width. X20 makes 7,5 on 5,5 it risks to be too just not? And X30...
  7. P

    bathmats broke first day

    hi, my bathmate broke the first day i tried, the the whole plastic cap and the spring came off and won't stay together when i put them in again. what can ido
  8. N

    Need advices for another pump, cause my x40 is killing my ribs and back

    Do someone have recommend on a handpump. I come home from work and start my pump routine 5x5 jelq+pump 5 minutes in between, and it just kills my back and ribs so I really need a recommendation on a handpump. A lot of handpumps out there, which handpump should I go for? And what should I...
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