bathmate measurement

  1. C

    How accurate are Bathmate measurements?

    I know it's got to be fully compressed but how accurate is it? Also what is it measuring - EL or BPEL?
  2. bombdick

    Measurement Marks - Extreme x30/40

    Does that comfort attachment at the base accounted for in reference to the measurement lines on the clear plastic part? In other words... If I hit 6.5" mark in the Bathmate Extreme, is it really 6.5" or is it above 6.5" because of the insert comfort pad?
  3. D

    Bathmate measurement compared to BPEL measurement / pressure used

    Hello all. I've been using the Bathmate for a few weeks now. Heard from various sources that you should just pump until you can pump no more, but I find this pressure too high for my penis currently and this actually causes my penis to turtle afterwards! As there is no gauge in the...