base ligament

  1. wellreload

    Feel tenderness at the base of my penis, any suggestions?

    Hi, I am new to PE, just started 1½ week ago so this is my first post. I have been doing manual stretchings, used bathmate x30 every day (have ordered Phallosan, should be getting it soon). I have started to feel a tenderness at the base of my penis 2 days ago that is on the brink of...
  2. H

    Is warming up before PE a must?

    I do not warm up. I just go in to Penis Enlargement everyday directly. Is this a bad thing? I mean does warming up before Penis Enlargement make you gain more faster?
  3. H

    All night pumping?

    I have this idea to do girth sessions in the evening, and wear a pump on super low pressure all night. As long as the pump is at just barely high enough pressure to maintain engorgement, it would cause the penis to heal in its expanded state. This is much like the theory of doing an intense...
  4. RBSS

    Different kind of stretch?

    I have tried this twice thus far and it seems to target the ligaments very well. At least, I feel a strong burn in the base ligament area. I do a stretch straight out and then, whilest in the stretch, I use the other hand to put a tight OK grip around the base area (as far down as you can get...
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