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    New SiliScale inline Scale for the SiliStretcher

    IN-LINE DIGITAL SCALE FOR THE SILISTRETCHER & LENGTHMASTER Here is the new inline SiliScale for the SiliStretcher and LengthMaster . It measures tension up to 55lbs/ 25Kg in Pounds & Grams. This is a really great add on to monitor constant tension when using the SiliStretcher as an ADS or to...
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    Setting the SiliStretcher for heavier weight and tension

    We ship the SiliStretchers, with the regular size 20mm x 85mm SiliSleev attached and 2.5lbs of weight. This set-up is for starting up and is not intended for heavy weight use. We do this so people don't hurt themselves going overboard the first time using. Keep in mind, the SiliStretcher is...
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    Maximizing Vacuum on the SiliStretcher Video

    In this video we show you how to maximize vacuum on the SiliStretcher to hang heavy weight.

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