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    Can sleeves be used as "All Day Stretcher" or to prevent turtling and maintain size after jelqing?

    I'm wondering if a simple sleeve can be used to maintain longer size, prevent turtling and remain size after jelqing sessions. Looking for something that is easy to wear in sleeve form for night or daily. But will it be of any use? Can sleeve actually extend penis or maintain gains better? Or...
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    Which all day stretcher device would you recommend?

    What is the best all day stretcher device for uncut penis? I use penimaster, but it starts hurting after 2 hours.
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    Silipads have turned it around for me! Silipad + Silistretcher = Comfort

    I have been using the new Silipad + Silistretcher combo for the past few days, not all day, but for several hours during the day. My initial trials started several days ago at night, and I was literally blown away with how different the silistretcher felt with the silipads inside! You can...
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    Setting the SiliStretcher for heavier weight and tension

    NOTE: This post does not apply to the new SiliStretcher2 with the DuroSleevs. This is only for the SiliStretcher 1 with the original SiliSleevs We ship the SiliStretcher 1 with the regular size 20mm x 85mm SiliSleev attached and 2.5lbs of weight. This set-up is for starting up and is not...
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    SiliStretcher Product Pictures

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    NEW - SiliStretcher All Day Stealth Penis Vacuum Stretcher and Hanger

    With over 15 years of research and development, MOS is proud to bring you our exclusive stealth silistretcher for all day penis stretching and weight hanging. The silistretcher is a simple yet effective fool-proof vacuum piston ASD/Hanger system that is self contained and requires no external...
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