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    Alternative for cable clamp???

    Hi Guys, about 1-2 years ago I read on here about some alternative to a cable clamp that you could find in the automotive section of a store. I was just wondering what the name of it is. I have a cable clamp but was just curious to know what the alternative that people were using. It kind of...
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    Penis Enlargement

    Thanks guys!!! I plan on trying pumping along with manual girth work. The pump that I have been looking at is the LA Pump by LAP Distributing, LLC. It looks like a really quality pump and costs $135. The only thing that bothers me about pumping is the possibility of ED. I think if you use...
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    Easiest Way For Full Body Shave

    they now have a Nair Foam for men. I don't shave my legs or arms but I use it on my pubic hair and balls and it works great. You put it on and wait 5-8 minutes and then you just rub it off or use a plastic shaver thing that has no razor. works great
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    Penis Enlargement

    hey guys, I am thinking about purchasing a penis pump but was wondering if anyone on here uses one and what they think of it and if they have gained anything and how much. The one I am going to buy is a nice quality pump with a psi/gauge. I was wondering if it enlarges both length and girth or...
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    Hey guys, I have been Penis Enlargementing for about 2 years and have been a member on this site for about 1 1/2 years. I have made some great gains of 1 1/2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth. I am wanting to get back to basics and see if I can't gain more by starting a new routine. I love...
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    any one have any advice?
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    No, I can stretch just fine and my grip is great for the first 15-20 seconds, the problem is that my hand seems to lose strength after 20 seconds and the last 10 seconds of the stretch is not as intense. like i said i lift weights during the day and by the time i do my routine my hands and arms...
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    My hands are extremely strong and I have a really strong grip but it is just something about stretching manually that gets me. I have used a latex glove before but it rubs my penis raw. Thanks for all the advice guys.
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    I have a hard time sometimes keeping intense force on my stretch when stretching for 30 seconds because either my arm or grip get tired. I was wondering if I could double the sets from say 3 to 6 and only stretch for 15 seconds at a time at full strength. See my problem is that I lift weights...
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    Hey guys I have a question about stretching. I have been Penis Enlargementing for about 2 years and have made some decent gains but for awhile now I have not seen any length gains. My question is that when I stretch straight down (180 degrees) i don't feel the stretch as much as I do when I...
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    Advice Needed

    I was wondering if anyone can give me any advice on how to get my balls to hang lower or to enlarge my sac. any routines or any advice would be great. thanks!
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    Cell Tech

    If you are looking to use creatine I would highly recommend using creatine ethyl ester instead of regular creatine monohydrate. monohyrate is good but creatine ethyl ester is much better. with the ethyl ester there is no water retention or bloating because creatine ethyl ester is absorbs into...
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    I was just wondering how many of you guys here use a pump? Is pumping safe and are the results permanent. Also for those who pump is it worth it?
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    hey guys, HGH is legal if taken in an oral manner but is illegal in the injection manner if not prescribed by a doctor or given by a doctor. If you go to Walgreens or anywhere that sells vitamins you will see HGH pills. The reason they are legal in that format is b/c there are arguments on...
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    Should I invest in an extender?

    Hey mrstiff, I sent you a personal message so check your pm's.
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