Jun 7, 2017
I've had issues with ED due to some medication. The medication instantly effected my drive as well, not just with sex but with creative endeavors (I paint...and suddenly could NOT paint to save my life).
My PCP did not want to do TRT because my overall number was in the high 700's. The doc who did my filler/girth enhancement ran my numbers and, again, it was high 700's but he ran the "Free T" which was 60. He wanted it closer to 125-150. He explained that type of testosterone effects drive, ED, muscle/fat.
So we started at 1 ml a day of a TRT cream put on the inside of my thigh. I alternate daily. Within 2 weeks, I noticed a difference. I was at least getting night time erections and some when I tried to get one. Not as hard but still...progress. After 2 months, we increased it to 1.5 ML after the 1 ML plateaued and stopped working as well. Now, I'm getting erections whenever I want. And, any time I wake up at night, I have one. They are harder than they have been in years and I last much longer.

Cialis/viagra eventually stopped working on me and gave me horrible headaches. Even when they did work, the headache made it not worth it.

So, if you are struggling with ED, check your Free T numbers and see if TRT is a good option for you.

I’ve heard of another option called Comid But takes longer. A few side effects supposedly
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Most brothers would say, "Huh!?"

Your info is greatly appreciated. To explain to the rest that are not familiar with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), it comes in form or injection, cream, or pill. Pills tend to either release too late and too little, or too much and too fast. Same with injection. Cream applied around the thighs allow slow absorption through the skin and into the blood steams where it's needed, rather than doing all over the body just to reach the needed area in lower dosages.

Those who do testosterone therapy (not replacement) may have very high level coming back from blood lab works. The critical one is the "free testosterone" that allows your body to activate the erection on demand. This is the driver of the nitric oxide to force your body into erogenous mode. So when you test for testosterone level, look specifically to free testosterone to combat ED related.

For those who cannot get a response from Cialis and Viagra, Clomid or Clomiphene, used as infertile medication meant for women can induce negative side effects for men that include rise in libido, sexual moods, and beat of all, a massive rise on hemoglobin that pushes oxygen delivery to your entire body like the penis. However, Clomid can cause opposite mentioned side effects as well, but the worse one is the aggressive behaviors that can cause high blood pressures, baldness, and some cases resulted in partial blindness.

Alternative is a self injection cocktail calles TriMix. Primary Clinical Physician (PCP) tends to recommend clinical injection, but you can be authorized to perform home injection. You definitely don't want to walk around with a hard on from the clinic back home just to rush into the bedroom for a quicky.
Good stuff! Thanks my brother
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