Girth Progress


Apr 19, 2023
So a little while back, I decided to switch to girth and put length on hold for a bit. I do SSJ, bundled stretches and air pumping. I pump, on average 4 times a day at 40 kPa for 10 minutes. I forgot when I started doing this, but definitely less than a year. I hit 5.25" girth and was pretty excited about it. I would be 5.5" right after pumping. As of yesterday, I measured 5 5/8" without doing any exercises and now I'm consistently 6" right after pumping. The wife is not too fond of the 6 inch girth first thing in the morning. She says it's fun at night after foreplay, but in the morning it just hurts. Saying that, she still takes it in the morning a few times a week, so I guess she's getting used to it.
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