Ever had a crush on your girlfriends' mom?



Just wondering if any of you perverts ever had a crush on your girlfriends mom? I cant say that I have. A new video by a group called Fountains of Wayne ...song titled Stacies' Mom (Has got it goin' on) got me thinking and wondering about this.
Ah what memories!!! And she used to flirt AH yes !!! Older women that know just what they want and dont make waves!!! Ah the good old days!!!
Yep, My current girlfreind's mum is hot for an older chick, she has nice boobies, Once I went for a holiday with them because im good mates with my girlfreinds brother, Those holidays my chick had to stay home because of work, whenever the MILF was wearing swimers i coulden't help myself from looking down at her tits, even when i was talking to her, i coulden't help myself, very embarrasing, anyway i am over it all now haha.
Nah. I've had crushes on female teachers and girlfriend's younger sisters, though. :)
HAHA... female teachers i have had a few funny experiances with them, just the other week the girls in our class were havin a big bitch fight against all us boys, next comeback was from the girls "at least we dont perve on miss shell jim!" I pissed myself laughing and was dieing with embarassment at the same time, but the teacher is a heaps hot milf and its so hard not to look. The girls told other teachers that I fantisise about this miss shell..haha this teacher must think im a sick perverted little boy.
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