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    VLC tugger vs VLC- X Kit

    Hello, I am taking the advice of DLD and ordering a VLC tugger to comfortably secure my new size genetics into place (since I was experiencing slippage and having a hard time staying secured longer than 20 minutes if not completely stationary). Through looking into this addition, I came across...
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    Another SizeGenetics and VLC combo if you don't want to stretch your foreskin

    If you don't want to stretch your foreskin, just use a silicone sleeve to create the suction.
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    Custom VLC to SG mount

    Hi guys finally getting around to using my VLC on the Size genetics and was not happy with the way the mount only attached to one side and how far below the plastic mounting plate it made you sit. So i found a curtain hanger and bent it a little so that it sits through both holes and has the...