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    WIN WIN WIN! Finally gave wifey a penetration Big O orgasm

    FINALLY! I want to thank everyone here for this! Wifey and I had our first penetration orgasm. 14 years in, I have done this position over 100 times but with my new gains, we did it! Wifey was on a triangle pillow, on her stomach, ass up. To start the night, I went down on her 3 times and had...
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    Back of Vagina feels warm according to the tip of my penis

    I have had sex with wifey for 14 years over 1k times. Not until these last 3 months have I noticed something interesting. That I have done 100's of times before without feeling this way. (I pump an hour before and with cock ring over balls and shaft) I go down on wifey 5 min, she goes crazy...
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    "You're hitting something good in there" -"I don't know what" meaning

    I've had sex with Wifey 14 years now. Never did she say before PE, "You're hitting something good in there," "I don't know what" I get this statement every other sex session now and she wants it! she wants it so much now that she begs me not to stop and keep going. Before PE she would say don't...
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