1. E

    Bathmate - unwanted increase of scrotum skin

    Hey guys! This is sort of a weird topic but I've been using my Bathmate for 2 months. I started with an x30 then switched to x40 Xtreme one month ago and I've noticed that I've gained more scrotum skin. I can't tell if it is because PE has pulled my penis out of my body more or if I've literally...
  2. L

    My first questions after starting PE

    Hi, this is my first post. I've been reading a little bit on the forum and I'm very excited to start PE. I have a few questions: I'm a student and live together with three friends, when not with them I'm usually with mye girlfriend, but i don't intend on telling any of them that I've started...
  3. M

    bathmate suction problems

    yesterday i tried my Bathmate for the first time and i couldnt get any suction i trimmed my hair and put vaseline on but still no suction plus vaseline is a fucking mess cant get it off
  4. S

    stupid turkeyneck!

    yesterday i was making out with this girl and i noticed that when she touched above my anderware my dick felt smaller then it really is because of the sack. it really brought me down and i even lost erection thinking about it. is there any way to reduce the turkeyneck? and another question:my...
  5. wakingdream

    skin stretching and getting rid of turkeyneck with bathmate

    DLD recommended I start a new topic with my skin stretching experience with Bathmate. I've used the Bathmate for a month now, twice a day... 15 to 20 minutes during the morning shower and walk around and allow it to hang and pull while i'm getting ready for work, then at night I do 5 sets x 5...
  6. A

    Correcting Rotated Penis?

    Hey everyone, noob here. I joined the paid members site about 3 months ago, have been doing Penis Enlargement for about 2 months, so far it's been awesome - I've gained over a quarter inch in bpel already! :cool: My question is this: I've seen lots of correction exercises for a curved penis...
  7. H

    cylinder tapering wider, not thinner

    I am an old vet to Penis Enlargement, started 15+ years ago. I have been a mamber of this site and many others a long time ago. I cemented my gains and left Penis Enlargement for the most part years ago, jelqing occasionally. I recently found my old pump and decided to give it a try again. I...
  8. T


    Im relatively new to Penis Enlargement. my question is I'm uncircumcised and keep running across posts of people talking about turkeyneck, apparently an effect of jelqing. I'm just curious , me being uncircumcized , the last thing i want do is add more skin hanging around, especially around my...
  9. T

    What do you guys think about this ball stretcher device?

    I searched around for a ball stretcher weight device and this is all i found. It's kind of expensive but what p.e device isn't. Would it really be that more effective that manual stretching? Would it be dangerous? I just think it would be cool to be able to stretch your ball sack while...
  10. L

    Side Effects of Hanging

    I am thinking of starting a hanging routine but I was wondering if you guys could advise me on the side effects of hanging. One thing I am concerned about and have read about is getting excess foreskin and stretcHydromaxarks. I have quite a bit at present so I dont think it would look good if...
  11. A

    Penoscrotal web (Turkey Neck) surgery

    Has anyone done the turkeyneck surgery? I am doing this procedure tomorrow and im anxious about the result. Has anyone else here done this or know someone who has, does anyone have any stories or before and after pictures? The pics I've seen on the plastic surgeon sites aren't very helpful...
  12. tyandhisrod

    PE=Lots of Foreskin?

    I haven't been at this very long, so if this is dumb or covered somewhere else, please redirect me. I've been at this for about a month and have already noticed some things: I'm uncircumsized and due to pe, have noticed a rapid increase in my flaccid and erect foreskin, by anywhere from...
  13. M

    Homemade ballstretcher?

    I want to prevent a turkeyneck before it starts so is there anything I could use that would act as a ball stretcher such as a rubber band or hair tie? I'm in college and don't money :(.
  14. Citizen?

    Is it possible to reverse Turkey Neck with Testicle Health Stretch only?

    Well, how shall I start? If I hold my flaccid penis straight ahead (without pulling) the skin of the scrotum reaches on the left side nearly to the head, on the right side to the half of the shaft. I don't know how and why this happened but I want to get rid of this. I read the thread of...
  15. S

    Do YOU pull your foreskin back when stretching?

    Or do you just "Grab your dick and pull"? LOL I just grab and pull. But ive been thinking maybe this is not as effective. Thoughts? :)
  16. Super

    New Turkey Neck Buster Hanging

    New Turkey neck buster hanging experiment. I am hanging 15 lbs here. With my steelmaster ball weight and my leather ball stretcher. A total of 4.5 inches of ball stretching pluss the added weight from the metal one. I am alwys trying new thing's to get rid of turkey neck.
  17. DLD

    DLD's First Routine (I gained 2 inches with this routine) Full Tutorial

    This is a great starting routine. So many new guys do not know where to start so I put this together for you. Please read it over and ask any quetions. For the best in video, illustrations, sound bites and flawless text descriptions all organized into a 5 Phase system check out The MoS...

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