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15 Lbs on ya balls....ya a BRAVE bastard :) I thought I was a NUTTER but you.....ya I N S A N E ;)
I will hopefully try this sometime, I am busiy with alsorts of shit and again at fulcrum hanging via my captains wrench concept...I will work on another concept designed on yours here for this turkey.

thanks for the inspirations and pix.
In some of them the angle makes it look like 12 inches or summut :p


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I have not got rid of my turkey neck, still a long way to go, but this is stopping it from getting worse. How much is what?
Damn, if you carry this up you will have a true monster dick.

Is that a bib starter or bib regular?


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No it works, as you can see in the pics the TN is being pushed way back with the dick is being stretched the opposite way. It has stopped the progression of my TN and is Starting to receed.

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