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    .5 inch over my erect size of 6inch

    been doing a little bit of traction device but mostly Manuel hand stretches try to do it once a day for 25 minutes but I am going to start doing twice a day.
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    AI power traction growth prediction model.

    Used AI to do a meta analysis of every study found about traction. The goal was to figure out an accurate prediction of gains. This prediction model is based on traction of the glands with lower forces. (No taping required) Summary: expect 1” of actual gain (kept even after you stop) from...
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    Traction questions

    Hello everyone new here I have some questions about traction/extender devices I have been seeing mixed information some say wearing 2 hours a day has made more results vs people people who wear it 5 hours + and then I see people also posting other way around that 5+ hours daily brings more...
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