1. S

    0.5" gain in length in a week wtf??????

    So recently i have been following the matters of size phase 2 and I injured my penis skin cause i didnt trim my pubic hair LOL. anyways, this made me stop doing jelqs for about a week so i made up for it by doing the basic stretching in phase one twice a day with the help of DLD blasters. WTF...
  2. F

    bath mate..

    hey guys. so i really need to work on girth...:/ bone pressed length 7.9inchs erect girth:4.8 and was interested in the bath mate, however i read somewhere it does not really work in the shower my current university dorm only has showers:/ was there another highly related pump i could...
  3. Destroyurr

    Is This A Good Length Routine?

    Can't really make up my mind about length or girth, but I have thought heavily about both. Routine: - The stretching section of the Newbie Routine - Followed by three sets of manual expressive stretching, thirty second sets - DLD Blasters (how many of these should I do and how...
  4. DLD

    Grip Issues? Can't Get a Good Stretch? Get The Best Stretch Ever! The LengthMaster!

    I have heard, since the beginning of my involvement in Penis Enlargement, how men can't get a good grip on their penis or they have slippage issues and never feel as though they are stretching hard enough. Baby powder helps and so do rubber, latex and leather gloves but these are all...
  5. M

    Growth booster - castor oil

    I have noticed that I gain much faster when using castor oil. I work it into the penis for an hour or so until the penis has absorbed it, then I put on some more and work it in again and after that I might put some more on and leave it on for the night, which feels very disgusting, but the next...
  6. Vilified

    A PE Testimonial :) Real Talk

    INTRO I'm feeling on high listening to some good music typing this on the fly so please forgive some of my grammar and syntax. I simply feel like I wanted to share some of my journey with my Penis Enlargement brothers! So I just measured after 2 days off Penis Enlargement as per my personal...
  7. MikeShlort


    I have a problem. I am unable to stay hard during intercourse. After like 30 seconds, I start to lose my erection, then I start to think about it, then it's just over. Anyone have any tips or tricks for me? Exercises? Does anyone who hangs experience this problem? Missionary position is...
  8. Vociferous

    Are gains permanent or does P.E have to be maintained for lifetime?

    As tittle states? Thanks V.
  9. DLD

    DLD's Secrets to Massive Length Gains. Masturbation Stretch! Claim Your Gains! SRT+

    I have been experimenting over the past 18 months in SRT heavily and when I spend so much time with something my mind finds even more unique ways to apply science to penis enlargement to make the fastest gains we can. Much of my contributions to penis enlargement has been the creation of penis...
  10. S

    another new one

    Hey guys, seems to be a nice place around here with lots of friendly and cooperative people. After having read myself into this subject (to which I was directed haphazardly browsing for Lex steels measures rofl) I started with DLDs noob routine (slightly altered with respect to rep and time...
  11. P

    Back to MattersofSize(+ a few questions)

    Hey guys I started P.E a few years ago when I got DLD's MoS DVD. I wound up gaining about an inch in length and about 1/4th inch in girth. I did it for about 4-5 months using the beginner routine then one thing led to another and I got off routine. I still enjoy doing kegals/testicle massage...
  12. E

    introduction and 2 week of BathMate and mating experiences

    Hi all, I've just recently registered to this forum as it's an amazing community of guys trying to get themselves to a level of satisfaction with their schlongs for first and foremost themselves but also for the lovely ladies that surround them. I'm probably in that perfect circle of life...
  13. C

    First workout

    I had my first stretching workout the other day! My warm up/down was done inside the bathtub. This worked great, but I was concerned about my testicles getting really hot. Would you think dipping my unit only inside a hot water cup work the same? Or the ligaments won't get all the warmth...
  14. VladtheImpaler

    Twice A Day Kegel sessions

    Most nights before I falls asleep, I do a little kegel routine....and in the morning when I wake up (since my PC isnt that strong) I can tell a real difference in the strength of my dick and how big my CS is..... Since I only sleep a max of 8 hours, that means that my dick has rebuilt itself...
  15. DLD

    Girl Gone Wild: Is bigger always better?

    Girl Gone Wild: Is bigger always better? By Loki Ferris Penises. Since high school, I'd been a firm believer that the size of a man's penis didn't matter. After all, they had only to think dirty thoughts and they'd become twice or thrice the size. A little rubbing here and there and poof...
  16. Scrub Ducky

    Penis Enlargement Pills

    Im was about to buy a the virtility pills listed on pridepenis's board but I read red's post about that idiot lukey getting money everytime we clicked on it.So, do they actually work?or were they just there to get him money? If those pills dont work which one should I buy? Also I only have...
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