1. M

    For heavy clamp users what's your routine?

    I tried a search didn't get much of an answer. Im wondering for most hardcore clampers what your routine is like? Specificly people who base their PE around clamping. I'm getting really girth focused again after talking with my wife and wanting a break from pumping . Im hoping to find a...
  2. stillwantmore

    Malehanger and Thickerman No Longer Affiliates

    Just to clear up some Internet scuttlebutt, I am no longer affiliates with Pete/Thickerman. He may still be taking orders, but it doesn't look like he's filing them. This is scamming and it WILL catch up with him. I hope anyone who orders from him is smart enough to do a charge back and come to...
  3. M

    Clamping and doing length work

    Whassup yall Im a newbie to clamping and i wanted to know clamping and doing length work will help with length and girth or if it will hinder length Also can you give me a link to some cheap clamps where i can order some Thx
  4. wazedi

    malehanger question

    I was thinking buy one of those products.but not enough budget for my question is if you can use the malehanger as a penis clamp?? for the pistures it looks tighter than the thickerman.any ideas or experience on that?
  5. youknowme123321

    Rotary A-Stretch Blasters - VIDEO

    These are an AMAZING exercise either done manually or with the LM. Below you will see both. I prefer them with the LM. Here is DLD's description of how to do them from his first thread on them. DLD's A-Stretch: The A-Stretch is a dual stretch exercise. The main principal of the A-Stretch is...
  6. youknowme123321

    ThickerMan Clamp Use and Review - Video

    Opening ThickerMan Clamp Package I will soon be posting a more detailed review 44
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