1. iGrowSteady

    GNC ProLatis \ Staminol - Experience?

    Okay quick post guys, would love your thoughts if anyone has tried GNC's Staminol and GNC's ProLatis. Looking into Viagra online, the lozenge version of Viagra, and alternatives. Appreciate your thoughts!
  2. iGrowSteady

    Thoughts on Organizing Various Routines...

    Okay so I’ve got a lot of potential routines in the mix and want to get everyone’s thoughts… First, as I’ve been into prostate massaging for almost two years, (WOW to those who have yet to indulge) I’ve been looking into increasing the bliss of my sessions with and without my massager. 1 -...
  3. T

    Phuk pills (herbal) "this phucker really works!" how I started pe... I was wanting to share this message with you, and ask has anyone used these pills? I had first started taking these after stumbling into a hustler Hollywood sex shop in Nashville being the horny dirty scorpio I am thought I'd pick up some corsets or costumes of some sort...