1. S

    Bruising on top of glans should I stop PE till it heals.

    Should I stop PE till this heals. I have had this for about a week. There is no pain or discomfort when touching it. It has not gotten worse or better. I get random discomfort in the head throughout the day but its not on that spot. It feels more internal.
  2. S

    Stakada's Log

    Well I'm here to report my first months newbie gains. I gained 3/8 of a inch in length and 1/4 of a inch in girth in my first month. I started at 4.75 length and 4.75 girth. I plan on taking measurements every month and posting them here. Hopefully the easy gains last for a few months. It took...
  3. S

    Penis pump to get erect for exercises

    For putting on my LG hanger I need to be mostly erect for my wrapping method. My wife helps most of the time but some of the time I need to get a erection without her and I refuse to use porn. I was wondering if a pump would work for getting me erect so I could do my wrap. What are your guys...
  4. S

    My LOT test

    So I think I did this right. I stretched my penis straight out (9 o clock) while flacid and watched my penis in the mirror while doing a kegal and noticed pullback. It was at a 45 degree angle downwards or 7:30 that I noticed no pullback. So did I do the test correctly and posses a LOT of 7:30...
  5. S

    Just getting started

    I tried 20 some years ago to do a manual routine and failed miserably. Mainly because I felt like this could never work. After lurking here off and on for a while I have decided to give this a real go. I just ordered the Lenghmaster, Phallosan Forte, and Bathmate. These tools just make sense...
  6. S

    Question before I order

    I am curious about the needed size for the length master to work. I am 5.5 erect and pretty small flaccid. It looks like it will be difficult to make this thing fit with my size. Is this a concern I should have?
  7. Super

    The Glans Cap

    Is this quality here PF? I have had mine less then a week and the glans cap has already torn..and you guys didn't think to include another one?
  8. KingD

    Learning The LengthMaster

    Ever since my laptop has been down(which I use to take pics) I have not been posting because I believe that pics are the biggest thing to help people understand what you are talking about and actually see your gains. I decided last week that I was going to get back into Penis Enlargement since I...

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