1. Lightning

    Congratulations pogzee on winning the New SizeGenetics Extender (Over $250 Value)!!!

    Congratulations pogzee won the May quality posting contest and chose the New SizeGenetics Extender for his prize (Over $250 Value)!!! The June contest has already begun, brothers get involved and win big!!!
  2. P

    fixing my bend hasnt been working!

    i've been using sizegenetics for five weeks and some jelqs against the bend but it doesnt seem to get my bend out my bend is from the middle to the end bend down and i want it to go up slightly, some kegels more jelqs or other jelqs ?
  3. C

    Bathmate & SizGenetics

    I was wondering if anyone has used the Bathmate & SizGenetics concurrently? I wonder how it would work to forgo the manual exercises and use the devices exclusively. Anyone has success with that?
  4. N

    Just started this one thing

    Hey whats up, I always been interested in maybe a couple more inches (measurements on the way) and my girth is decent for my size (but who wouldn't mind it being a little more either), I've tried pills and just felt like I had figured out Santa Claus was a lie, but my cock was as hard as coal...
  5. S

    considering 🙈 vs. SizeGenetics

    Hi, I have been a bit doing natural Penis Enlargement 2 years ago, but not very disciplined. I mainly did behind the leg and A-streches, jelqing, Uli. I have gainded from 6.9" to 7.1" in BPenis EnlargementL and EG at the base from 5.5" to 6" (only base eg, looks kinda funny :s ) Now I have...
  6. B

    Advice please - Best Penis enlarger

    Hey all, I read a lot of articles about penis enlargement lately From my opinion best results i will have by using penis enlarger device. I made some research i found two products jes-extender and sizgenetics, they all look the same and cost same, does anyone knows the difference...
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