size doctor

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    Size doctor shipping

    I put in an order for the size doctor on the first, and it still has not been processed. Also, I ordered the sili sleeve sets and never received the cap. I got a note saying they would ship it this week, I still have not had any notifications or shipping for that either. I really need this...
  2. Super

    Size Doctor

    Just ordered mine, really excited about this device, Ive been waiting for a device like this for a long time.
  3. C

    Phallosan Plus or Size Doctor?

    Hello all, I have been away from these boards for over a year and completely stopped PE. I did make maybe 1/4 inch gain in a couple months the previous year and that wasn't really being consistent. I want to give this a good crack now. Currently out of work - so far too much time on my hands...
  4. Lightning


    MEET THE MAYBACH OF PENIS EXTENDERS The SizeDoctor is a revolutionary new breakthrough in penis vacuum extending technology to add penis length and correct peyronies curvature of the penis unlike any other penis extender on the market! VACUUM EXTENDING COMFORT The MOS edition...
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