silicone implant

  1. C

    ELIST IMPLANT USERS! Anyone pumped/stretched with the implant after it healed?

    As the title says, have any of the Elist implant vets used pumps(bathmate) for more girth or stretchers (Phallosan/Sizegenetics) for more length after the implant has healed and the capsule is formed? I spoke with Elist and he did not recommend pumping but said that stretching is no problem...
  2. Beeler

    You're thoughts on this

    Hey everyone. saw something that caught my eye a few times. its DR elist implant. from what iv'e seen myself he has a good outlook on it his on the other hand is a bit different way to go about penis enlargement surgery. its what i believe called Subcutaneous Soft Silicone Implant. that slides...
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