1. DayDreamDN

    Silistretcher 2.0

    First day two blisters next to uretha(mad a mistake and popped them). Second day two blisters next to My uretha. What I am doing wrong?
  2. bluetard117

    Silisleeve and Cap thoughts

    Hey all, First off, gotta say - the blue silisleeves are by far my preferred method of anti-turtling. Their flexibility makes it easy to go about my day without worrying about losing grip or circulation, and that it's so flexible really gives it a natural look, so that's much appreciated. I...
  3. S

    Pumping without silicap

    My silicap started to tear but is still usable for hopefully another day or two(not to worry! Already ordered another), but I’m wondering what i should know about pumping with only the sleeve on, no cap? Presumably take it easy and don’t shoot straight up to my normal pressures?
  4. Lightning

    SiliSleevs Silcone Penis Sleeves by MOS - NEW!

    After fifteen years of research testing hundreds of sleeves with the top practitioners and pioneers of penis enlargement, MOS is proud to announce the SiliSleev and SiliCap. The importance of staying in an extended state after exercise is something people often miss. Many people work out...
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