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    been offered treatment for a penis scar, which would you choose and why?

    unfortunate climbing accident ended up with a 10p sized atrophic scar on my member. i've been offered two choices to plump my penis up and make the skin uniform and good again, microfat stem cell transfer or hyaluronic acid injections. any ideas which i should choose?
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    Discoloration kit?

    I was reading a post where dld talked about a discolouration kit, my dick is pretty dark from the bathmate. any idea what this kit is about?
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    Have your girl tighten her vagina.

    I know some females do kegels to help tigher them up. But sometimes I can feel girls kegeling during sex, I can feel them tighen this just make sex better or are they doing it because I could be small ?? Could go either way I guess...but it feels great for me !
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    Women are not victims, they are selfish.

    Okay the thread title is a bit harsh, buts this is my personal idea, tell me what you think. Women of today are being told since they can talk that they have been the victim of the world since time began. They are told that for centuries they have been oppressed by men. The result is women...
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